Daewook  Kim

Daewook Kim

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Foxconn Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Parallel processing for next generation Ultra-HD video compression with H.265/HEVC




Vivienne Sze


I am going to work with Prof. Sze in RLE and Prof. Leiserson in CSAIL on exploring the speed and performance of HEVC’s built-in parallel features using Cilk-P which is an extension to C and C++ that offers multithreaded parallel computing. We will also investigate how these tools impact otherimportant video coding requirements including memor y bandwidth and latency. The ultimate goal would be to have a real-time Ultra-HD 4K 30fps video decoder implementation running on a multi-core platform.


In 6.172 that I took in 2013 fall semester, I learned how to a build efficient and high-performance program using algorithmic techniques, cache optimizations, vectorization, instruction-level optimizations, and parallel programming. This UROP is going to be a good opportunity for me to apply what I have learned in class to a practical application, and test the effectiveness of the optimization methods that I learned in 6.172.

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