Connie  Huang

Connie Huang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Interactive Data Visualization for Journalists using Wordpress




David R. Karger


Our project helps journalists who wish to incorporate rich data visualization in news stories, but lack the skills to create their own apps for this purpose. We will continue prototyping a data visualization framework, Datapress, to support authoring (not programming) such visualizations in WordPress, a popular platform for journalism. The upcoming work consists a cyclic process of contacting and working with journalists to support their use of Datapress, discovering what improvements need to be made to enhance the value of the tool, and implementing those improvements to the Datapress platform.


I have experience with data visualization and journalism from working at the New York Times and the MIT Media Lab – Center for Civic Media. My contributions include developing the user interface and experience for mobile applications and visualizations for journalists and readers.

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