Colleen  Josephson

Colleen Josephson

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - MediaTek USA Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

A real-time implementation of joint channel-network coding using software-defined radios




Muriel Mdard


Wireless networks are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. However, owing to noise of the wireless channel, attenuation, fading and interference from other devices, designing a reliable wireless transmission system is quite challenging. Current protocols use techniques like forward error correcting codes or ARQ to ensure reliability. My work seeks to implement a theoretical recently proposed protocol called Partial Packet Reception with Network Coding (PPRNC) using software defined radios. PPRNC is a novel cross-layer scheme that retains the non-compromised information of a partial packet, and attempts to recover the erroneous bits by using information from other valid packets. This enables higher throughput, increased reliability and potentially lower power consumption.


I worked in the Music, Mind and Machine group of the MIT Media lab creating a perceptive sound synthesizer to intuitively alter the timbre of sounds. I was a software engineering intern at Google for the past two summers, first in Cambridge and then in New York City.

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