Ceili  Burdhimo

Ceili Burdhimo

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro — Boeing Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Assessment of Performance Metrics for Human Biomechanics Telemonitoring




Leia Stirling


My project involves human biomechanics monitoring that could be applied to astronauts in space or rehabilitation patients. To use this data, it must be measured effectively and presented to a user clearly. These two goals will require a human-computer interaction system that visualizes the complex data required for decision making. This project studies motion fluidity which measures smoothness of a motion. For medical patients undergoing rehabilitation, monitoring motion fluidity can assist in increasing motor control through recovery and inform patients on how to continue. For astronauts, motion fluidity relates to the motor adaptation occurring in the new environment; monitoring it can help reduce injury risk and provide insight on the transition to space.


My ultimate career goal is to help put humans on Mars. This project gets me one step closer!

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