Casey  O'Brien

Casey O'Brien

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - eBay Inc Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Java Tutor for Intermediate Programmers




Robert C. Miller


MIT undergraduates are sometimes overwhelmed when they reach the point where they have to move from using Python in 6.01 (Introductory Programming) to Java in 6.005 (Software Engineering). To aid them in this transition, we are going to build a Java Tutor that will support students in learning the syntax, semantics, idioms, and style of Java programming. We will develop a system which will simultaneously provide students with feedback and help TA’s be aware of the students’ understanding. The tutor will have to scale in order to handle hundreds of students in 6.005, and ultimately support online learning at the scale of MITx.


As a student who enrolled in 6.005 without any Java experience, I have a very personal understanding of the value of this project. I have experience as both a tutor and TA, which will help me to build a product which is beneficial for both teachers and students. I spent this past summer working at Facebook, where I was able to get a lot of hands on experience with web development.

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