Carson I. Tucker

Carson I. Tucker

Scholar Title

MIT MechE | Lincoln Labs Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Permeate Quality and Scaling in Batch Reverse Osmosis





Research Areas
  • Chemistry

John Lienhard


As water scarcity continues to grow as a global problem, it is necessary to find less expensive and more energy efficient methods of cleaning water. Batch reverse osmosis (RO) is an alternative RO configuration that may reduce the energy consumption of RO. This project’s purpose is to model and measure potential advantages and disadvantages of batch RO. A potential limitation of batch RO is reduced permeate quality because permeate salinity has been shown to rise after repeated cycles. However, osmotic backwash may improve permeate quality by reducing salt transport. This project will validate a batch RO model that includes salt transport and osmotic backwash and examine how significantly permeate quality may reduce when operating at higher salinities and recovery ratios.


“Water scarcity is a massive problem worldwide, and I am excited about how this project directly addresses this issue and is working to find a solution. Throughout SuperUROP I would also like to continue to learn how to identify and analyze meaningful problems in research and communicate results effectively.”

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