Birkan  Uzun

Birkan Uzun

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Amazon Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

he Future of Textbook




David R. Karger


This research project aims to find answers to questions such as how online textbooks can be made more collaborative, more adaptable to individual students, or more informative so that they are better for the user. NB is an online annotation taking tool that lets students hold forum-type discussions in the margins of their online reading material. The tool is intended to help students understand the information better as well as providing the teachers a way to measure students’ understanding so that they can adjust lessons and publications accordingly. My work aims to improve the user experience by categorizing the notes with tags and allowing the user to search them in addition to adding text formatting for more meaningful notes.


I have a passion for Web Development. I interned at Amazon where I implemented a Questions & Answers feature for’s website, and at Akamai Technologies, where I built an internal tool which is a front to hide the complexity of provisioning artifacts when integrating a new customer. In addition, I participated in the Facebook Open Academy to help develop Mozilla’s new, open source game center, the Galaxy.

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