Benjamin  Weizer

Benjamin Weizer

Scholar Title

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Development of an Integrated Photovoltaic-Powered Electrodialysis Reversal Desalination and Low-Pressure Drip Irrigation System




Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas
  • Devices

Amos Winter


With the global food shortage worsening, the necessity for more efficient means to extract and use water in agriculture is growing. In the Global Engineering and Research Lab, this problem is being fought on two fronts: reducing water consumption with drip irrigation, and boosting water supplies with electrodialysis reversal desalination. While the theory of these two technologies is proven, the viability of a system integrating the two must be assessed. An operational theory on powering and controlling the system will be developed so a cost model for running the system can be compared to existing technologies. This will guide future efforts to build and pilot systems based on these technologies, as well as inform market strategy for water-stressed regions.


I want to do research that helps those less fortunate. Previously, I studied clogging behavior in drip irrigation emitters, which taught me about the requirements of the system and about designing for emerging markets. Through this project, I hope to get deeper into the research process so I can be prepared to study this area of design further. I am excited to see this project guide the deployment of these systems in water-stressed areas.

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