Benjamin  Shaya

Benjamin Shaya

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Qualcomm Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

A High-Efficiency, High Color Rendering Index Flexible Light Source




Vladimir Bulovic


The United States currently uses over 18% of its total energy for lighting. Incandescent bulbs continue to dominate the lighting market, despite their low efficiency. One of the barriers to adopting LED lighting is the cold light they emit. Quantum dots enable us to change the color of the light arbitrarily, without significant loss in efficiency via absorption and re-emission. My work entail developing methodologies for combining commercially available LEDs and Quantum dots to optical fibers, producing flexible lighting fixtures with specifiable color temperature and with very high efficiency and color rendering index.


I have studied power converters and designed my own LED drivers for room lighting. My summer was spent designing sensors and communication devices for SpaceX. I am currently studying Japanese.

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