Benjamin  Schreck

Benjamin Schreck

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Foxconn Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

“Computational Design Tools for Synthetic Gene Circuits




Ronald Weiss


Synthetic biology already uses robots to aid in the construction of genetic circuits that are traditionally done by hand, using tedious lab techniques like individually transferring tiny amounts of liquid through pipets. However, the current techniques are narrow in their scope, and are generally confined to large-scale industrial processes not applicable to research. This project aims to build a BioCompiler to both facilitate the process of converting high-level genetic circuit concepts into low-level instructions that one of the robots can understand, and to expand the repertoire of possible automatable instructions. Eventually, the goal is to speed up wet lab research and testing to the point where it rivals the speed of traditional software development and mathematical simulation


I have worked at a start up called Nitrous.IO, creating infrastructure to find and view back-end status updates and data metrics about the company. I have also worked in the MIT Media Lab’s Affective Computing Group on a computerized interview system.

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