Ashley  Wang

Ashley Wang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — DENSO Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Visualizing Big Data in Mobile Humanitarian Technologies




Lalana Kagal


One major challenge for developers today is integrating data from multiple different sources, such as twitter feeds or government databases, and visualizing results. Punya, a framework for mobile developers, is an extension of AppInventor that uses Linked Data principles to make finding and integrating data easier. My project would be to add functionality to Punya to display visualizations of this integrated data on a mobile platform. This project improves the user interface and enables data to be communicated more effectively, and would significantly reduce the barrier of adoption of Linked Data to mobile technology.


I am a 6-2 Junior, and my project is with the Punya group at CSAIL. I have UROPed at Senseable City Labs on their Coca-Cola Freestyle machine project. I also interned at Akamai Technologies, creating visualization tools and setting up a system of pipelines from an HDFS database for their Query Service Performance team.

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