Anthony  McHugh

Anthony McHugh

Scholar Title

MIT SoE — Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Software Platforms for Engineering Simulations




John Williams


MIT Geonumerics ( specializes in software platforms for engineering simulations of problems involving both fluids and solids using a unified simulation approach. This platform is currently an academic prototype where usability is limited to experts in the field, we would like to address this so that it may become relevant to students and engineers. To achieve this goal we will evaluate the suitability of existing CAD scripting languages. Then, we will create a framework through which a problem statement can be fully defined, while allowing for the wide range of geometric definitions provided by CAD. Finally, we will convert the geometric and solution parameters into particle packings that can be read by the simulation engine.


While working in a structural engineering firm, I recognized the impact that flexible and powerful software platforms can have on how our world is built. MIT Geonumerics will let me bring better tools to the engineers that can use them

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