Annie Bryan

Annie  Bryan
MIT EECS | Aptiv Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Daniel N. Jackson
Department: EECS
Areas of Research: Transportation
Years: 2020-2021
Research Project Title:

Certified Control for Autonomous Vehicles

abstract:Autonomous vehicles are part of a rapidly growing market, but testing and verifying their safety is costly and time-consuming, as it requires millions of miles of accident-free driving. The focus of this project is developing and optimizing certified control for self-driving cars. The primary goals of the group are to achieve a high level of safety and to verify that safety with a trusted and justifiable certificate, which organizes communication between the controller and the monitor.

This SuperUROP project will provide hands-on experience so I can apply what I learn in the classroom, specifically in 6.034 and 6.031. I will gain experience with machine learning applications to autonomous driving, a rapidly growing market and the future of ground transportation. My personal goals for this project are to have a more thorough understanding of the field, learn about the research process, and ultimately publish a research paper.