Anna Landler

Anna  Landler
MIT CEE | Professor Wilson H. Tang (1966) Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Cathy Wu
Department: CEE
Areas of Research: Human Computer Interaction
Years: 2020-2021
Research Project Title:

Planning dashboard for integrating autonomy into urban systems

abstract:This research aims to create a web application that enables different stakeholders to evaluate the implications of two urban developments: incorporation of autonomous vehicles and automated traffic signaling. It will scope out the decision space for integrating automated traffic signals and autonomous vehicles into a dense urban area, such as the fraction of lights or vehicles needed for effective traffic management, the degree of needed compliance or adoption, and their corresponding energy consumption change, cost and other impacts.

Through SuperUROP, I will be able to explore my interest in large-scale system engineering and analysis, while focusing on web development and user-centered design. I believe that my long term project will lead to a refined product genuinely useful for decision makers.