Angel  Yu

Angel Yu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Lincoln Lab Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Unfolding Printable Robots




Erik D. Demaine


This project will explore the underlying geometric algorithms of the process for Printable Robots project, with the main objective of carrying out some research on the design and implementation of feasible geometric algorithms for this unfolding process. Given a 3D geometry of a robot, it needs to be “unfolded” into a 2D geometry which is suitable for cutting from sheet material for constructing the actual robot. Based on the computational origami design algorithm “Origamizer”, some ideas of the geometric algorithms have been developed. Through this project, these ideas are implemented and experimented with to evaluate how well they perform.


I have developed sound knowledge in algorithm design through taking a few algorithm classes at MIT. In addition, I have also developed some domain knowledge of printable robots as well as skills in research and development through undertaking two UROP projects related to printable computing machines, i.e. “Event-driven Paradigm for ROS (Robot Operating System)” in fall 2013 and “Autonomous Collisionavoiding Car Simulator in REACT” in spring 2014.

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