Allen  Park

Allen Park

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MIT EECS - Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

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3D Print Preview




Wojciech Matusik


3D printing technology is progressing quickly, but there is still no usable multi-material 3D printer. The Computational Fabrication Group in CSAIL is working on producing a multi-material 3D printer with a full software stack to support the printer. The software stack, called Foundry, covers the whole process of printing a multimaterial object. Foundry allows end users to procedurally generate complex, multi-material objects. Another capability is enabling an efficient physics simulator on the produced objects, thus allowing the user to test before printing the physical properties of an object. My project will include developing Foundry to better expose these capabilities from both a technical implementation standpoint and from a user experience and interface standpoint.


I have previously taken 6.837, Introduction to Computer Graphics, with Professor Matusik, and I completed the course with a final project recognized as excellent. In addition, I have worked with the Computational Fabrication Group for the past semester, and I currently have enough setup and prior experience from that semester that I will be able to quickly make progress in the SuperUROP.

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