Alexandra  Hsu

Alexandra Hsu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Quanta Computer Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Gribouille: Software to Modify Recorded Video Lectures




Frederic P. Durand


With the growing popularity of online education, through programs such as Khan Academy and MITs edX, there is an increased need for an easier way to create educational video lectures. This project strives to simplify the process of creating these online videos and to make editing these videos much easier. If editing the audio and written visual components of an online lecture becomes possible, then content can be updated and will not become obsolete as quickly. It will also be less frustrating and time consuming for educators to record presentations that do not have to be done correctly in one take.


I interned at DreamWorks Animation Studios and completed multiple projects, including a web application used to visualize render data. I worked on the Open Mind Common Sense Project, designed to gather information for the purpose of making artificial intelligence appear more intelligent. I spent time in Guatemala volunteering in local schools, where I played with children and improved maintenance and general upkeep.

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