Albert Kwon

Albert  Kwon
MIT EECS | MITRE Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Mengjia Yan
Department: EECS
Areas of Research: Computer Systems
Years: 2021-2022
Research Project Title:

Exploring Security Vulnerabilities in Modern Processors

abstract:Side-channel attacks describe a broad class of exploits that rely on information acquired from the implementation of a computer system. They often lie at the hardware level and rely on memory access timings, electromagnetic leaks, and other indirect leaks of information. This is then used to reveal protected information, normally hidden from the adversary. The goal of this project is to better understand modern processor architectures and explore potential side-channel vulnerabilities not yet fully understood by the computer security community. This will involve reverse engineering modern processors, applying machine learning methods, and developing end-to-end attacks on found vulnerabilities.

I'm participating in SuperUROP to produce meaningful research as well as gain a higher understanding of computer systems and the measures needed to secure them. Through previous research experiences, 6.004, and 6.033, I’m excited to learn more about computer security and possibly produce something novel.