Akila  Saravanan

Akila Saravanan

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro | Boeing Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Drone Sensing and Intelligence: Path Planning for Continuous Data Collection on Mobile Platforms





Research Areas

Hamsa Balakrishnan


Drone networks are becoming increasingly relevant for applications that require data collection from large regions. They are mobile information sources that can house a variety of sensors and provide diverse types of data. However, for applications like traffic forecasting, it is essential to have continuous data streams to make accurate real-time conclusions. We aim to develop an autonomous and reactive continuous data collection system deployed on fleets of drones, focused on making decisions about optimal sampling locations in a large grid while accounting for resource constraints to coordinate multi-vehicle flight.


I’m looking forward to continuing my research at DINaMo and simultaneously developing my communication skills as a researcher. Although I have been a part of several research projects in the past, this will be my first formal training to think like a researcher, and I look forward to gaining these skills while further exploring the intersection of CS and Aeronautics.

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