Akila  Saravanan

Akila Saravanan

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro | Boeing Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Drone Sensing and Intelligence: Path Planning for Continuous Data Collection on Mobile Platforms





Research Areas
  • AeroAstro

Hamsa Balakrishnan


Drone networks are becoming increasingly relevant for applications that require data collection from large regions. They are mobile information sources that can house a variety of sensors and provide diverse types of data. However, for applications like traffic forecasting, it is essential to have continuous data streams to make accurate real-time conclusions. We aim to develop an autonomous and reactive continuous data collection system deployed on fleets of drones, focused on making decisions about optimal sampling locations in a large grid while accounting for resource constraints to coordinate multi-vehicle flight.


I’m looking forward to continuing my research at DINaMo and simultaneously developing my communication skills as a researcher. Although I have been a part of several research projects in the past, this will be my first formal training to think like a researcher, and I look forward to gaining these skills while further exploring the intersection of CS and Aeronautics.

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