Aishwarya  Narayan

Aishwarya Narayan

Scholar Title

MIT SoE ā€” Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Instrumentation and Evaluation of Wheelchairs for the Developing World




Daniel Frey


This project involves creating a system to measure the impact of the rough terrain found in developing countries on wheelchairs using sensors. The accelerometers will be used with the strain gages to determine when the wheelchairs experience significant forces, then the strain gages measure the actual forces. Next, the placement of the sensors on the wheelchair is determined in order to avoid damage and obtain sensible readings. This involves calculations to find wheelchair parts experiencing the greatest stresses, then creating housings for sensors on the wheelchairs deployed in the field for several months. The data collection involves gathering data from the sensors, and then an electronics and software component to ensure the sensors and can correctly communicate with each other


Iā€™m really excited about my SuperUROP! I have always been passionate about working in developing countries, and my Super- UROP allows me to combine my love of mechanical engineering, electronics, and helping people into one awesome project. This is my first experience in research, and I think it will be a great introduction.

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