Adrian  Orozco

Adrian Orozco

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Computer Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Identifying and Exploiting Advantageous Nodes in Biological Networks




Bruce Tidor


Biological networks consist of numerous sites and reactions that can be represented by nodes in the network. However, some nodes are more significant than others: these are important to identify for pharmaceutical purposes such as effective drug delivery. What are the characteristics of influential nodes? Can they be easily identified in a given network? These are questions we seek to answer by studying several models and learning about the influential nodes in these networks. We will alter nodes by treating them with inhibitors and examining the effect on the output. Synergistic effects may be achieved through treatment of multiple nodes and observing changes in the network.


I have worked at Amazon creating a website for transportation managers in Operations to track inventory status. I also worked in Amazon Web Services writing automated tools to compile data from large, hourly-producing sources. Previous work with the ALFA research group at CSAIL involved studying various correlating models for wind data.

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