Aditya  Mehrotra

Aditya Mehrotra

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Mini Cheetah Pro' : Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of a Highly Dynamic Quadruped Robot





Research Areas
  • Robotics

Sangbae Kim


One of the biggest problems in robotics over the past years has been the issue of actuation and the question of how to design and select actuators to yield a certain desired performance from a system. This question is especially important for dynamic robots, such as legged robots, where balancing impact mitigation and force generation capabilities are the main considerations. Industrial robots have some lee-way to ignore these actuator properties but dynamic systems deeply require their consideration and failure to do leads to a significant loss in system performance. Knowing this we can also consider that the inverse may be true, that analyzing, in detail, actuation characteristics, and optimizing actuators to the tasks robots have to perform will increase system efficiency and performance.


I think research is special to me because of the excitement and the work that goes into discovering something new-you’re in uncharted territory most of the time and the solutions often require attention to detail, new formulations, and crazy ideas. I want to learn more about how to execute a research project from start to end and by the end I hope to have learned a lot and publish some interesting and useful results along the way.

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