• Emily Penn
    Emily Penn

    Emily Penn, a senior in chemical engineering, worked on a SuperUROP project for improving energy storage, specifically involving electrodes for redox flow batteries. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Nichole Imani Clarke
    Nichole Imani Clarke

    EECS senior Nichole Imani Clarke's SuperUROP project involved helping to develop the App Inventor programming environment for the iOS operating system. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • SuperUROP Pitch Session
    SuperUROP Pitch Session

    SuperUROP scholars showcased their work during presentations a Proposal Pitch session. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Jesse Chang
    Jesse Chang

    Jesse Chang, a senior in EECS, worked on a SuperUROP project to help improve the imaging speeds of atomic-force microscopes (AFMs). Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Nicholas Charchut
    Nicholas Charchut

    EECS junior Nicholas Charchut's SuperUROP project involved applying deep learning to autonomous driving. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Ronald Davis
    Ronald Davis

    EECS senior Ronald Davis' SuperUROP project, "Driving a Nitrogen Vacancy with a Microscale CMOS Inductor," involved both quantum mechanics and electrical engineering. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • SuperUROP Pitch Session
    SuperUROP Pitch Session

    MIT postdoctoral associate Rabia Yazicigil chatted with a SuperUROP presenter at the Proposal Pitch session. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • SuperUROP Community Dinner
    SuperUROP Community Dinner

    Guest speaker Katie Rae, CEO and managing partner of The Engine, spoke about entrepreneurship and opportunities for "tough technologies."

SuperUROP gives students the research toolkits they need to tackle real-world problems.

Scholars participate in a year-long research experience and enroll in 6.UAR (Preparation for Undergraduate Research). Working on supervised projects, students learn the essentials of research, from designing experiments to writing research papers to presenting at conferences.

Meet the 2018-2019 SuperUROP Scholars!


SuperUROP Showcase: A Smashing Success!

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SuperUROP Scholars presented their research during the spring 2018 SuperUROP Showcase in the Stata Center. Read the story, see the slideshow, and view the video on the MIT News website.

Congratulations, SuperUROP Scholars!

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The 2017-2018 SuperUROP Scholars marked the completion of their year-long research efforts with a May 2018 class photo and reception. View/download the 2017-2018 SuperUROP Brochure.