• Fall 2018 SuperUROP Showcase
    Fall 2018 SuperUROP Showcase

    Poster session -- with about 135 students -- at the Stata Center. Photo: Justin Knight

  • Aerial and Aquatic Transportation
    Aerial and Aquatic Transportation

    MechE senior Taylor V'Dovec, a MechE/Lincoln Lab SuperUROP scholar, isinvestigating how novel techniques and technologies can improve aerial and aquatic transportation. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Autonomous Vehicles
    Autonomous Vehicles

    EECS junior Arjun Gupta, an AeroAstro/Lincoln Lab SuperUROP scholar, is working on deep learning for scene understanding and prediction for autonomous vehicles. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Aerial Vehicle Flight Testing
    Aerial Vehicle Flight Testing

    MechE senior Patrick Tornes, a School of Engineering/Quest SuperUROP scholar, is working on a project exploring the intersection of machine learning and adaptive control with aerial vehicle flight testing. Photo: Justin Knight

  • Storyboard Artists
    Storyboard Artists

    EECS junior Haripriya Mehta’s SuperUROP project “Paper Dreams” focuses on using machine learning to generate fresh ideas for storyboard artists. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Ronald Davis
    Ronald Davis

    EECS senior Ronald Davis' SuperUROP project "Driving a Nitrogen Vacancy with a Microscale CMOS Inductor," involved both quantum mechanics.

  • Image Recognition
    Image Recognition

    Helen Ho, an EECS senior and Fairbairn SuperUROP scholar, is working on a project that involves training image-recognition algorithms for self-driving cars.Photo: Gretchen Ertl

  • Music Technology
    Music Technology

    EECS senior Faraaz Nadeem(right),a CS+HASS SuperUROP scholar, is working with music technology professor Eran Egozy on automatic computer transcription of musical performances involvingmultiple instruments. Photo: Gretchen Ertl

SuperUROP gives students the research toolkits they need to tackle real-world problems.

Scholars participate in a year-long research experience and enroll in 6.UAR (Preparation for Undergraduate Research). Working on supervised projects, students learn the essentials of research, from designing experiments to writing research papers to presenting at conferences.

Meet the 2018-2019 SuperUROP Scholars!


SuperUROP Showcase: Works in Progress

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About 135 students discussed their ongoing research projects at the Fall 2018 SuperUROP Showcase poster session. See scenes from the event in this slideshow.

Congratulations, SuperUROP Scholars!

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The 2017-2018 SuperUROP Scholars marked the completion of their year-long research efforts with a May 2018 class photo and reception. View/download the 2017-2018 SuperUROP Brochure.