Thipok  Rak-amnouykit

Thipok Rak-amnouykit

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Amazon Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Building a Mobile Capnograph




George C. Verghese


A capnograph is a device that measures the concentration or partial pressure of carbondioxide (CO2) in respiratory air and displays the corresponding waveform as a function of time or exhaled volume. It has been used extensively in operating room, intensive care unit, and ambulance to monitor presence of respiration and respiratory of patients via the capnogram waveform. In non-emergency settings, the waveform also has diagnostic implication. This project aims to design, assemble, and test different models of portable non-invasive capnograph for asthma patients. The device’s design will be a compromise between mobility and accuracy. In the next step, we aim to create a smartphone based personal application to process the capnogram data and record the result for treatment monitoring purpose


I’ve always been interested in the applications of electronics. I started my UROP at the Research Laboratory of Electronics in the spring semester of my freshman year, and continued working on the same project for a year. In this Microgrid project, I learned about basic circuit design and developed a communication system between microchips in different parts of the grid.

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