Muhammad  Abdullah

Muhammad Abdullah

Trusted Execution Environments in RISC-V
Sagnik  Anupam

Sagnik Anupam

Neurosymbolic Reasoning for Mathematical Domains
Gaurav  Arya

Gaurav Arya

Learning Discrete Stochastic Models of Eukaryotic Transcription
Angelos  Assos

Angelos Assos

Non-Convex Optimization for Deep Neural Networks
Yunbeen  Bae

Yunbeen Bae

Dynamically Regulating Gene Expression Using Recombinases
Purvaja  Balaji

Purvaja Balaji

Adapting PRIMERA for Query-Based Multi-Document Summarization
Shelly  Ben-David

Shelly Ben-David

Onsite Synthesis of Quantum Materials for Device Integration
Jagdeep  Bhatia

Jagdeep Bhatia

Learning to Initialize Constraint-Based TAMP
George  Bian

George Bian

Security Solutions for Anti-Counterfeiting of Agricultural Seeds
Penny  Brant

Penny Brant

Improving Transfer Learning in Machine Learning for Healthcare
Fiona  Cai

Fiona Cai

Improving In-Hospital Mortality Prediction Algorithms: Study and Evaluation on HiRID Data
Karen  Chung

Karen Chung

Fast Object Detection and Localization via Probabilistic Inverse Graphics
Thomas  Cobley

Thomas Cobley

Knowledge-Enhanced Protein Language Models for Therapeutics
Abraham  Corea Diaz

Abraham Corea Diaz

Scaling and Accelerating Hardware Simulation
Jesse  Cummings

Jesse Cummings

Improved Computer Vision Benchmarks with Human Psychophysics Experiments
Bilal  Daqqah

Bilal Daqqah

Detection of Speech Impairment Associated with Cleft Lip and Palate
Juan  Duitama Cortes

Juan Duitama Cortes

TinyFL: Federated Learning on Edge Devices
Liliana  Edmonds

Liliana Edmonds

Developing a Scaled-Up, Handheld Permanent Magnet MR Imager
Morgan  Everett

Morgan Everett

Programmable Smart Devices for Gastrointestinal-Based Drug Delivery and Health Monitoring
Ibrahim Suat  Evren

Ibrahim Suat Evren

Improved Smart Vaccine Allocation Systems
Kaiyan  Fan

Kaiyan Fan

Composable Building Blocks for Distributed Applications
Sebastian  Garcia

Sebastian Garcia

Enabling On-the-Fly Learning for Resource-Constrained Robots
Nina  Gerszberg

Nina Gerszberg

Transfer Learning through Latent Representations of Exteroceptive Signals
Hee Jae  Hong

Hee Jae Hong

Predicting Response of Pediatric IBD Patients to Drug Therapies
Nicolas  Hougardy

Nicolas Hougardy

Designing an FM System for Passive Underwater Temperature Sensing.
Stephanie  Howe

Stephanie Howe

Inference of Transcriptional Regulation by Analysis of Single-Cell Pseudotemporal Trajectories
Amelia  Hu

Amelia Hu

A Recurrent Network Approach to G-Computation for Sepsis Treatment Outcome Prediction under Dynamic Treatment Strategies in the ICUs
Mario  Ibrahim

Mario Ibrahim

Cracking the Code of Pattern Selection in Drying Suspensions
Mark  Jabbour

Mark Jabbour

Formal verification of a distributed lock service
Andrew  Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins

Learning Local Navigation for Quadruped Locomotion using Human Guidance
Stephanie  Khaguli

Stephanie Khaguli

Bioresorbable Osmotic Pump for Long-Term Contraception
Ariba  Khan

Ariba Khan

Identifying and Removing Bias from Data in Decision Making Systems
Naomi  Kirimi

Naomi Kirimi

Dark Patterns, Privacy, and Policy Conformance.
Blisse  Kong

Blisse Kong

Acoustic-Cue-Based Speech Analysis for Recognition: Nasalization
Eli  Kramer

Eli Kramer

Investigating the Conceptual Limitations of Diffusion Models and its Philosophical Significance
Alice  Lam

Alice Lam

Optogenetic Investigation of the Gut-Brain Axis in Parkinson’s Disease
Jimin  Lee

Jimin Lee

Evaluation of Teaching To Defer with Explanations
Alvin  Li

Alvin Li

Online HD Map Generation For Autonomous Vehicles
Amy  Li

Amy Li

More Than One Model for Learning: A Computational Investigation
Jerry  Li

Jerry Li

Survival Prediction using Self-Supervised Multimodal Pretraining
Jonathan  Li

Jonathan Li

Using Machine Learning Models on Heart Rate Levels to Detect Stress
William  Li

William Li

Polygenic Dissection of Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s Disease
Isaac  Liao

Isaac Liao

Improving Techniques in Meta-Learning
Emily  Liu

Emily Liu

Causal Representation Learning for Predicting Drug Effects on Gene Expression.
William  Liu

William Liu

Exploring Security Vulnerabilities in Modern Processors
Rawisara  Lohanimit

Rawisara Lohanimit

Fairness in Natural Language Generation
Sadhana  Lolla

Sadhana Lolla

Learning Generalizable Control Policies for Soft Robots from Self-Supervised Morphological Features
Richard  Luhtaru

Richard Luhtaru

Improving Intravital SLAM Microscopy Using Event Detection
Matt  McManus

Matt McManus

Let's Work Together...or Not!
Helena  Merker

Helena Merker

Robust OCR Pipelines for Automated Key-Value Pair Extraction and Document Classification
Katherine  Mohr

Katherine Mohr

Transforming Datacenter Applications to Microsecond Latency with Continuous Profile-Guided Optimization
Catalina  Monsalve Rodriguez

Catalina Monsalve Rodriguez

Print by Numbers: Digitalizing Printmaking
Heath  Nilsen

Heath Nilsen

Wind Tunnel Wall Correction Methods
William  Nolan

William Nolan

Enhancing the Response of Thin-Film Piezoelectric Speakers with Perovskite Materials
Nten  Nyiam

Nten Nyiam

Application of Spatial Transcriptomics to Ovarian Cancer
Frank  Ozello

Frank Ozello

Mechanical Circulatory Support's Hemodynamic Effect on the Aorta and Clotting
Trudy  Painter

Trudy Painter

Visualizing Predictive Evolutions of the Latent Space
Nicholas  Pfaff

Nicholas Pfaff

Helen  Propson

Helen Propson

Secure DNA Project
Nishat Fahmida  Protyasha

Nishat Fahmida Protyasha

High Temperature GaN Device Characterization and Simulation Framework
Jacob  Rodriguez

Jacob Rodriguez

Short Range Recovery Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Offroad Environments
Ronak  Roy

Ronak Roy

Rotation-Enabled Multi-Tip Active Probe Atomic Force Microscopy (ReMAP AFM)
Somaia  Saba

Somaia Saba

Visualizing and Predicting Human Behavior
Ishika  Shah

Ishika Shah

Integrating Gene Expression Datasets Using Machine Learning
Eren  Shin

Eren Shin

Single-Cell Dissection of Human Microglia across Age, Sex, and CNS Diseases
Abigail  Shull

Abigail Shull

Integrated Optical Phased Array for Independent Amplitude and Phase Control
Parul  Singh

Parul Singh

Zero-Shot Knowledge Transfer with Compositional Learning
Malia  Smith

Malia Smith

Large Scale Additive Manufacturing of Low-Cost Homes from Recycled Polymer
Anne  Snyder

Anne Snyder

Towards an AI Policy Toolkit
Isabella  Struckman

Isabella Struckman

Risks in the AI Deployment Supply Chain
Vighnesh  Subramaniam

Vighnesh Subramaniam

Understanding Vision-and-Language Processing in the Brain
Ahmad  Taka

Ahmad Taka

Robot Swarms for 3D Printing
Saul  Vega Sauceda

Saul Vega Sauceda

Improving Gene Regulatory Network Inference from Single-Cell RNA Data Using Data Diffusion-Based Imputation
Vedantha  Venkatapathy

Vedantha Venkatapathy

Neural Video Conferencing
Evan  Vogelbaum

Evan Vogelbaum

Measuring Benchmark Value
David  von Wrangel

David von Wrangel

Motion Planning with Graph of Convex Sets for Mobile Manipulators
Diana  Voronin

Diana Voronin

A Superconducting Cage Mechanism for Multi-Axial Magnetic Field Stabilization in a Surface-Electrode ion Trap
Shih-Yu  Wang

Shih-Yu Wang

Pseudo-Determinism in Sublinear and Parallel Algorithms
Benjamin  Weizer

Benjamin Weizer

Development of an Integrated Photovoltaic-Powered Electrodialysis Reversal Desalination and Low-Pressure Drip Irrigation System
Eva Yi  Xie

Eva Yi Xie

Presence of Causal Concept-based Interpretability in Network Dissection
Liane  Xu

Liane Xu

Manifold Learning for Fetal Heart Rate Detection
Spencer  Yandrofski

Spencer Yandrofski

Laser Aperture Optimization with Machine Learning
John  Yang

John Yang

Probabilistic Generative Modeling of Protein Structure and Sequence
Victoria  Yang

Victoria Yang

Optimizing Microbial Desalination Cells: Coupling Clean Energy Technology with Water Desalination
Tong  Ye

Tong Ye

Simultaneous Imaging of Label-Free Autofluorophores for Cancer Diagnosis
Isabella  Yu

Isabella Yu

Tactile Localization for Drone Navigation in Adverse Conditions
Joyce  Yuan

Joyce Yuan

Promoting Accessible AI through Visual Rule Interfaces in the Context of an Educational Game
Izabella  Zamora

Izabella Zamora

Immune Hub Analysis Using Spatial Sequencing Data for Colorectal Cancer
Alan  Zhu

Alan Zhu

Towards Better Social Media Regulation