Scholars 2021-2022

Nishant  Abhangi

Nishant Abhangi

Towards Reliable Decision Making
Kazi  Alom

Kazi Alom

Machine Translation of x86 Assembly to Source Code Comments
Sualeh  Asif

Sualeh Asif

Fast Parallel Batch-Dynamic Algorithms for Trees
Jacqueline  Aslarus

Jacqueline Aslarus

Exploring Techniques for Minimally-Invasive Deep Brain Imaging Through Complex Media
Nithya  Attaluri

Nithya Attaluri

A Hardware Accelerator for Artificial Intelligence
Cathy  Cai

Cathy Cai

Predicting Combinations of Perturbations via Representation Learning
Anjali  Chadha

Anjali Chadha

Library-Based Engineering of Synthetic Membrane Proteins for Programmable Cell-Cell Interaction in Human Cells
Shiqi  Chen

Shiqi Chen

3D Printed Gas Cell for Chip-Scale Molecular Clock
Jung Soo  Chu

Jung Soo Chu

Automated Document Processing and Data Extraction with Computer Vision, OCR, and NLP
Jack  Cook

Jack Cook

Synthesizing Adversarial Attacks Against CPU Schedulers With Reinforcement Learning
Amelia  Dogan

Amelia Dogan

Data Against Feminicide
Freya  Edholm

Freya Edholm

Computationally Analyzing and Comparing Protein & Inorganic Catalysts
Mohanned  Elkholy

Mohanned Elkholy

GAN Model Inversion
Ana  Fiallo

Ana Fiallo

Optimizing Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensor Networks within Urban Environments
Kevin  Frans

Kevin Frans

Learning a Representation
Stephanie  Fu

Stephanie Fu

Guided Upsampling for High Resolution Feature Maps
Portia  Gaitskell

Portia Gaitskell

Robots and Learning
Teresa  Gao

Teresa Gao

Investigating One-Shot and Few-Shot Learning for Segmentation Tasks
Derek  Garcia

Derek Garcia

Taming AI: Analysis and Remedies of the Unintended Consequences of AI-Powered Social Media
Michael  Gilbert

Michael Gilbert

SparseLoop: Tool for Searching Optimal Mapping of Sparse DNN Workload to Accelerator
Adina  Golden

Adina Golden

Night-Vision Imaging System Using 2D and Ferroelectric Materials
Rolando  Gonzalez

Rolando Gonzalez

Gallium Nitride CMOS Technology for Analog ICs
Pawan  Goyal

Pawan Goyal

Robustness of Neural ODE
Ari  Grayzel

Ari Grayzel

Active Learning in Deep Neural Networks for Monocular Depth Estimation
Catherine  Griffin

Catherine Griffin

Gut Phages: Resistance and Evolution in Mucosal Environments
Aparna Ajit  Gupte

Aparna Ajit Gupte

The Cryptographic Hardness of Learning
Marcin  Hajduczek

Marcin Hajduczek

Characterizing and Creating Sustainable, Durable Mortars and Concretes Inspired by Roman Aqueducts
Adriano  Hernandez

Adriano Hernandez

Exploring the potential of Model Stitching
Antony  Hernandez

Antony Hernandez

Multilanguage Processing
Neha  Hulkund

Neha Hulkund

Differentially Private Methods for Domain Generalization
Juan  Ibarra

Juan Ibarra

Characterizing the Cross Feeding Relationship between Prochlorococcus Strains
Parbhakar  Kafle

Parbhakar Kafle

Extracting Information from Financial Documents
Lenna  Kanehara

Lenna Kanehara

Autodiff Tools for Differentiable Physics Simulation
Stuti  Khandwala

Stuti Khandwala

Future Risk Assessment of Lung Cancer
Aleksandar  Krastev

Aleksandar Krastev

Instruction Set for Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Albert  Kwon

Albert Kwon

Exploring Security Vulnerabilities in Modern Processors
Jay  Lang

Jay Lang

Exploring Security Vulnerabilities in Modern Processors
Mary  Lau

Mary Lau

Extending Data-driven Surrogate Simulators to Robotic Exploration
Jose  Lavariega-Gomez

Jose Lavariega-Gomez

Impact Robust and Relativistic State Estimation on Biped and Quadruped Robotics
Tin Yau  Lee

Tin Yau Lee

Profiling Cell Interactions in Tissue Images Using Machine Vision
Griffin  Leonard

Griffin Leonard

ML Classifiers for Argumentation Teaching Strategies
Shulammite  Lim

Shulammite Lim

Developing an Ensemble Model for De-Identification of Clinical Text
Alexander  Liu

Alexander Liu

Probing Kinetics of CO2 Reduction on Cobalt Phthalocyanine in Various Environments via a Novel Automated Data Collection Framework
Kathleen  Love

Kathleen Love

Leveraging the Power of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing to Investigate the Potential of CAR-T Cells as an HIV Cure Strategy
Ruoxin  Lu

Ruoxin Lu

Synthesis, Characterization, and Chemical Analysis of UiO-66-NH2 in Mixed-Matrix Membranes
Jerry  Mao

Jerry Mao

Artificial Agents that Interact with Humans
Joshua  Mbogo

Joshua Mbogo

Generating Insightful Annotation Layers Using Natural Language Processing
Aditya  Mehrotra

Aditya Mehrotra

Effect of Actuator Characteristics on the Task-Space Performance of Dynamic Robotic Systems
Manuel  Morales

Manuel Morales

Study of Air Quality in a Decarbonizing Building
Veronica  Muriga

Veronica Muriga

RL Applied to Dynamic Scene Graphs: Model Selection and Optimization
Ahmad  Negm

Ahmad Negm

Low-Noise Amplifier Design for a 140 GHz Monostatic FMCW Radar
Ethan  Nevidomsky

Ethan Nevidomsky

Applying Machine Learning to Sonification
Quynh  Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen

Quantum Error Correction Using Quantum Wasserstein Distance
Samuel  Nitz

Samuel Nitz

Optimizing Graph Neural Networks for Antibiotic Potentiation Therapies
Ishan  Pakuwal

Ishan Pakuwal

Bias and Robustness of ML Models Against Adversarial Attacks in Finance
Ritik  Patnaik

Ritik Patnaik

A Gaussian-Mixture-Model-Based Approach To Classifying Vowel Place In Speech Signals
Christina  Patterson

Christina Patterson

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Katherine  Pelton

Katherine Pelton

Urban Risk Map AI Algorithm
Trent  Piercy

Trent Piercy

Manipulation and Analysis of LiDAR + Hyperspectral Data in VR
John  Poliniak

John Poliniak

Compliant and Actuated Feet for Quadrupedal Motion
Steven  Qu

Steven Qu

Modeling Social Media Incentive Dynamics
Alex  Quach

Alex Quach

Generative Modeling Of Cellular Images For Fair And Explainable AI
Shreyaa  Raghavan

Shreyaa Raghavan

Deep Learning Approaches to Estimate Treatment Effects under Dynamic, Time-Varying Treatment Regimes
Sanjna  Ravichandar

Sanjna Ravichandar

Model Free Complex In-Hand Manipulation
Pedro  Sales Rodriguez

Pedro Sales Rodriguez

Optimal Quantum Control for Cavities with Embedded Molecules
Akila  Saravanan

Akila Saravanan

Drone Sensing and Intelligence: Path Planning for Continuous Data Collection on Mobile Platforms
Emily  Satterfield

Emily Satterfield

Large Scale Production of Low-Cost Lightweight Homes using Additive Manufacturing of Recycled Polymer
Aashini  Shah

Aashini Shah

Direct Neuromuscular Control of a Prosthetic Knee Joint
Kevin  Shao

Kevin Shao

Efficient Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving
Jacob  Shapiro

Jacob Shapiro

Developing Functional, Glycation-Resistant Mutant CD59 Proteins to Reduce Cardiovascular Injury in Diabetes Patients
Emily  Sologuren

Emily Sologuren

Design, Simulation, and Control of Hybrid Soft-Rigid Robots
Susan  Su

Susan Su

Developing a Biohybrid Mock Circulatory Flow Loop for Patient-Specific Intracardiac Defect Occlusion
Livia  Sun

Livia Sun

Vector Instruction Extension in Program Equivalence Checker
Duha  Syar

Duha Syar

Thin film characterization of novel Poly(arylene ethers) for energy-efficient gas separation applications
Grace  Tang

Grace Tang

Fabricating LED Displays Embedded in Textiles
Julius  Tao

Julius Tao

Reliable Decision-Making
Muhammed Suleman  Thaniana

Muhammed Suleman Thaniana

Bluetooth Low Energy System
Alyssa  Unell

Alyssa Unell

Automated Detection of Eye Disorders
Julia  Van Cleef

Julia Van Cleef

Implementing a Dual-Color MicroRNA Based Reporting System for Cellular Reprogramming
Guillermo  Vasquez

Guillermo Vasquez

Extending AI Capabilities with MIT App Inventor
Athikom  Wanichkul

Athikom Wanichkul

Properties Prediction of Concrete with Multiple Replacement Materials using Machine Learning Models
Tatum  Wilhelm

Tatum Wilhelm

Developing Engineered Cell-Based Electrochemical Lanthanide Sensors
Ming Ying  Yang

Ming Ying Yang

Doctoring the Note: Using AI to Improve Clinical Care
Daniela  Zaidenberg

Daniela Zaidenberg

Microwave Package Design for Superconducting Qubits
Diane  Zhang

Diane Zhang

Calling Somatic Variants from Spatial Single-Cell RNA sequencing Data in Prostate Cancer
Howard  Zhong

Howard Zhong

Understanding Pricing in the NFT Market