Scholars 2020-2021

Pedro  Acosta

Pedro Acosta

A Two-Stage Power Converter Based on Switched Capacitors and Piezoelectric Resonators
Obada  Alkhatib

Obada Alkhatib

Improving and Generalizing the T4 Compiler
Annie  Bryan

Annie Bryan

Certified Control for Autonomous Vehicles
Ruidi  Cao

Ruidi Cao

Sublinear Time Algorithms for “Real World Graphs”
Grecia  Castelazo

Grecia Castelazo

Improving the Readout of Superconducting Quantum Circuits
Thomas  Cheng

Thomas Cheng

Compressed Screening: High-Throughput Phenotypic Screening of Biological Ligands in Organoid Models
Grace  Chuan

Grace Chuan

Designing Innovating Weather Insurance for Crop Farmers
Emily  Condon

Emily Condon

Optimization of Agricultural Kelp Production
Tristan  Culp

Tristan Culp

Application of Performance Engineering for START
Mohit  Dighamber

Mohit Dighamber

Hunting for Prime Exoplanets with TESS & SPECULOOS
Thao  Dinh

Thao Dinh

Investigation of Kinetic Inductance in van der Waals Superconductors
Serafin  Garcia

Serafin Garcia

Responsible Content Filtering of Social Media
Emily  Genevriere

Emily Genevriere

Intuitive Control Interface for Soft-Robotic Magnetic Guidewires
Kristian  Georgiev

Kristian Georgiev

Learning Symmetries from Data with Optimization-Based Meta Learning
Shinjini  Ghosh

Shinjini Ghosh

Computational Modeling of Child Language Acquisition
Stacy  Godfreey-Igwe

Stacy Godfreey-Igwe

Fundamental Chemistry of Graphene CVD Growth: Material Design at Atomic Resolution
Steven  Goldy

Steven Goldy

Benchmarks and Comparisons of Physics Based Finite Element Methods
Miguel  Gomez-Garcia

Miguel Gomez-Garcia

Reverse Engineering the Intel Xeon Gold 5220R
Charvi  Gopal

Charvi Gopal

Improving Camera Interfaces Using Conceptual Design Principles
Skylar  Gordon

Skylar Gordon

User’s Perceptions of Fairness Definitions
Nicole  Goridkov

Nicole Goridkov

Effects of Coastal Ocean Acidification on Commercially Important Organisms
Luka  Govedič

Luka Govedič

Optimizing Parallel Loops in Cilk Using Loop Frames
Alex  Gu

Alex Gu

Understanding the Optimization and Iteration Complexity of Polyak-Lojasiewicz Functions
Jose  Guajardo

Jose Guajardo

Ultra-Small-Scale THz Circuits
Tessa  Gustafson

Tessa Gustafson

Building CNNs to Classify Dysplastic Nevi vs. Melanoma
Matthew  Ha

Matthew Ha

Prefetching in the Swarm Processor
Jennah  Haque

Jennah Haque

Using Machine Learning to Predict South African Education Outcomes
Adib  Hasan

Adib Hasan

Right for Right Reasons: Interpretably Robust NLP Models
Isaak  Hernandez

Isaak Hernandez

Phrasal Hierarchical Tree Data Structure for the Representation of Speech Information
Adeline  Hillier

Adeline Hillier

Leveraging Machine Learning to Transform Climate Modeling
Parker  Huntington

Parker Huntington

A Hardware Accelerator for Memory-Efficient Irregular Algorithms
Lay  Jain

Lay Jain

Sancus: A Trustworthy Loan System for DeFi Banks
Amy  Jin

Amy Jin

Gastrointestinal Drug Delivery
Natasha  Joglekar

Natasha Joglekar

Prediction of Cardiac Health from Electrocardiograms (ECGs) using Machine Learning
Stacia  Johanna

Stacia Johanna

TypeScript Praxis for Second-Programming-Language Learning
Shuli  Jones

Shuli Jones

Expanding JavaTutor: A Code Translation Tool
Magreth  Kakoko

Magreth Kakoko

Experimentation on Hydraulic Fracturing and Facture Flow
Meghana  Kamineni

Meghana Kamineni

Predicting and Understanding C.Difficile Risk Using Computational Models
Sathwik  Karnik

Sathwik Karnik

Learning Bayesian Networks with Observational and Interventional Data
Benjamin  Koenig

Benjamin Koenig

Flame Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Biomedical Sensing
Andrew  Komo

Andrew Komo

A Geospatial Analysis of Energy Consumption and Production in the United States
Anna  Landler

Anna Landler

Planning dashboard for integrating autonomy into urban systems
Jesus  Lares

Jesus Lares

Simulating Artificial Spiking Neural Networks Made from Superconducting Nanowires
Xin Yu  Lin

Xin Yu Lin

Understanding the Limits of Machine and Human Vision
Cecilia  Luna

Cecilia Luna

Barrier Contraception
Zhezheng  Luo

Zhezheng Luo

Action Grounding with Primitive Predicates and Logic Inference
Lilian  Luong

Lilian Luong

Dynamic Abstraction for Efficient Planning in Large MDPs
Jason  Madeano

Jason Madeano

Social Mechanisms of Cultural Evolution
Eveline  Mayner

Eveline Mayner

Nonaqueous Fluid Filling of Carbon Nanotubes
Tamara  Mitrovska

Tamara Mitrovska

Generating Adversarial Computer Programs Using Optimized Obfuscations
Savva  Morozov

Savva Morozov

Multi-Behavioral Robust Autonomous Navigation of a Small Quadruped Robot
Julia  Moseyko

Julia Moseyko

Constructing Human-Like Reinforcement Learning Policies Leveraging Model Uncertainty
Rajiv  Movva

Rajiv Movva

Parallel Pruning for Faster Discovery of Neural Network Lottery Tickets
Srijon  Mukherjee

Srijon Mukherjee

Problems in Anonymous Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Keith  Murray

Keith Murray

Dynamical Aspects of Retinal Neural Coding for a Moving Object
Joe  O’Connor

Joe O’Connor

Improving the Quality of Automatically Generated Domain-Flexible Semantic Parsers
Carolina  Ortega

Carolina Ortega

Static Linking Optimization
Anupama  Phatak

Anupama Phatak

Modular Droplet Factory
Ulyana  Piterbarg

Ulyana Piterbarg

Optimizing Parameterizations of Turbulent Planetary Flows for Climate Modeling with Machine Learning
Grace  Quaratiello

Grace Quaratiello

Artificially Intelligent Fabric Computers
Shahir  Rahman

Shahir Rahman

A Hardware Accelerator for Memory-Efficient Irregular Algorithms
Osvy  Rodriguez

Osvy Rodriguez

Battery-Free Subsea IoT: Oceans & Climate
Sabrina  Romero

Sabrina Romero

World in Color. Improving Colorization Using Location Metadata.
Isabel  Rosa

Isabel Rosa

Linguistic Analysis of Wikipedia for Question Answering
Pachara  Sawettamalya

Pachara Sawettamalya

Parallel and Local Algorithms for Generating Random Combinatorial Objects
Yorai  Shaoul

Yorai Shaoul

Deformed Ellipsoids for Object Shape Estimation
Belinda  Shi

Belinda Shi

LEXI Project Automatic Speech Recognition
Abigail  Stein

Abigail Stein

Optical Receiver Optimization for Quantum States
Shobhita  Sundaram

Shobhita Sundaram

Symmetry with Deep Neural Networks
Skye  Thompson

Skye Thompson

Shape-Aware Representation Learning for Category-Level Manipulation Skills
Moises  Trejo

Moises Trejo

Cost of Regulating Social Media
Sabrina  Tseng

Sabrina Tseng

Synthesizing programs with evolutionary algorithms and formal methods
Yuria  Utsumi

Yuria Utsumi

Aligning Models for Clinical Time Series Analysis
Derek  Velez

Derek Velez

Acoustic Cue Detection and Processing
Ashika  Verma

Ashika Verma

Transformation Tolerance of Machine-Based Face Recognition Systems
Agnes  Villanyi

Agnes Villanyi

Quantum Time Series Forecasting
Sarah  Vu

Sarah Vu

Evaluating Acoustic Cue Labeling
Fan Francis  Wang

Fan Francis Wang

Register Transfer Level Design in a Kotlin Embedded Language
Joshua  White

Joshua White

Efficient Splitting Methods for Rare Event Simulation Using Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Eigen Functions
Kelly S. Wu

Kelly S. Wu

A Network Analysis of the Chemical Industry
Julia  Wyatt

Julia Wyatt

Modeling and Prediction of Ocean Plastic Pollution
Wanyi  Xiao

Wanyi Xiao

Differentially Private Federated Learning
Ari  Xie

Ari Xie

Construction of an Algorithm to Take Spare CT Data and Return a Full 2-D/3-D CT Reconstruction
Katherine  Xiong

Katherine Xiong

Deep Image Prior in 3-D
Zixuan  Xu

Zixuan Xu

Improving Distance Preservers and Additive Spanners
Katherine  Xu

Katherine Xu

Leveraging Computer Vision to Identify Viable Livers for Transplant
Rahul  Yesantharao

Rahul Yesantharao

Python Data Processing Framework with Native Execution Speed
Carine  You

Carine You

Understanding the Capnogram Through Simple Models for Exhaled CO2
Emily  Zhang

Emily Zhang

Small Ants with Big Wisdom: Consensus in Collective Decision-Making Algorithms in Ant Colonies
Marina  Zhang

Marina Zhang

Building Robust Neural Architectures to Defend against Adversarial Attacks