Scholars 2019-2020

Marwa  Abdulhai

Marwa Abdulhai

Multi-Agent Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Madeline L. Abrahams

Madeline L. Abrahams

Algorithmic Markets And Networks in Misinformation And Polarization
Liam James Ackerman

Liam James Ackerman

Discovering Semantic Connections in Multilingual Documents (Japanese, Farsi, English) to Enhance Scholarly Research
Kenneth K. Acquah

Kenneth K. Acquah

Machine Learning for Money Laundering
John  Adeyeye

John Adeyeye

Engineering Materials for Energy Efficient Windows
Vibha  Agarwal

Vibha Agarwal

Real-Time Mapping for DARPA Drones
Elaheh  Ahmadi

Elaheh Ahmadi

Fast 3D Mapping of Underground Worlds
Vilhelm Lee Andersen Woltz

Vilhelm Lee Andersen Woltz

Minimizing Crosstalk in Superconducting Circuit Quantum Processor Design
Kika Annette Arias

Kika Annette Arias

Building Computational Model of Health Behavior Intention
Nathanael  Assefa

Nathanael Assefa

Optimization of Electrokinetics in Nanopores
Ashay  Athalye

Ashay Athalye

Sensor Fusion of Visual and Tactile Sensory Data for Object Localization and Robotic Manipulation
Shreyas  Balaji

Shreyas Balaji

Modeling Measurement Drift for Supervised Learning Applications
Teodor Rares Begu

Teodor Rares Begu

Statistical Models of Computer Programs
Alexandra  Berg

Alexandra Berg

Image Segmentation of Digitized Histopathology Slides
Nicholas Ryan Bonaker

Nicholas Ryan Bonaker

Nomon: A Single Switch Interface for Assistive Technology
Baian  Chen

Baian Chen

A Unified Framework for Robot Understanding of Goal-related Information
Weitung  Chen

Weitung Chen

Machine Vision Algorithms for Manipulation of Granular Material
Patrick John  Chia

Patrick John Chia

Tackling Spatial Invariance of Convolutional Neural Networks with Graph Element Networks
Manning  Chuor

Manning Chuor

Distinguishing of Energy States in Readout of 3-Level Quantum Systems
Jeremy Charles Cowham

Jeremy Charles Cowham

Quantifying Statistical Uncertainty of Machine Learning of Soccer Film to Improve Human-in-the-Loop Analyses
Jiaming  Cui

Jiaming Cui

Re-Programmable Multi-Color Textures
Joshua T. Derrick

Joshua T. Derrick

Detection of Gut Microbiota in Human Stool Using RNA Toeholds: Predicting IBD Patient Response to Biologics
Korina  Digalaki

Korina Digalaki

Boolean Functions Lacking Sparse High-Order Fourier Representations
Jordan E. Docter

Jordan E. Docter

Unlocking the Potential of Multicore Systems
Anis  Ehsani

Anis Ehsani

Isoperimetric Profile and Medial Axis Curves
Baris  Ekim

Baris Ekim

A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Secure Genomic imputation
Amir  Farhat

Amir Farhat

Understanding the Fundamentals of Reconfigurable Data Center Networks
Amanuael G. Gidey

Amanuael G. Gidey

How Do K-12 Students Learn Programming?
Nicolas  Gomez del Campo

Nicolas Gomez del Campo

Using Smart Contracts to Enforce Financial Agreements
Josh  Gruenstein

Josh Gruenstein

Mixed-Precision Neural Network Acceleration
Karen  Gu

Karen Gu

Investigating Sources of Underspecification Using Disjunctive Generic Statements
Rogerio Aristida Guimaraes Junior

Rogerio Aristida Guimaraes Junior

A Collaborative Filtering Approach to Strategy Recommendation
Fatima  Gunter-Rahman

Fatima Gunter-Rahman

Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Cognitive Reserve
Keshav  Gupta

Keshav Gupta

Efficient Computing for Robotics on an FPGA
Elizabeth  Han

Elizabeth Han

Robust Machine Learning for Molecular Medical Diagnostics
Annika Lea Heuser

Annika Lea Heuser

Modeling Merge: The Basis of Human Language and Intelligence
Lior  Hirschfeld

Lior Hirschfeld

Developing Molecular Property Prediction Tools
Claire  Hsu

Claire Hsu

Sparse Matrix Operations Optimization
Henry  Hu

Henry Hu

High-Precision Question Answering Using Wikipedia Definitions
Stephanie  Hu

Stephanie Hu

Designing a Ranking System for Pulmonary Edema Severity
Christopher Loren Hughes

Christopher Loren Hughes

Augmented One-Shot Learning
Andrea Jessica  Jaba

Andrea Jessica Jaba

Improving the Explainability of Medical Diagnostics
Soo Jung  Jang

Soo Jung Jang

Analysis of Feature Cues in Speech of Children with Speech Disorders
Ahmad Mujtaba  Jebran

Ahmad Mujtaba Jebran

Soft Biomimetic Ingestible Robot
Malvika Raj Joshi

Malvika Raj Joshi

Nondeterministic SETH
Jaeyoung  Jung

Jaeyoung Jung

Gallium Nitride Complementary MOS Microprocessor for High-Temperature Applications
Sule  Kahraman

Sule Kahraman

Statistical Models of Computer Programs
Wonjune  Kang

Wonjune Kang

Evaluating Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition
Dhamanpreet  Kaur

Dhamanpreet Kaur

A Cause-Specific Risk-Prediction Model for Readmission in Skilled Nursing Facilities
Quang  Kieu

Quang Kieu

Electronic Development & Miniaturization of a Prototype Hydration Monitoring Device
Silvia Elena Knappe

Silvia Elena Knappe

Active SLAM Implementations for Indoor Navigation
Anna  Kooperberg

Anna Kooperberg

Manipulating Symbols with Recurrent Neural Networks
Tim  Kralj

Tim Kralj

Interoperability Between OpenCilk and Pthreads
Madison  Landry

Madison Landry

Training the COIN
Maximillian S. Langenkamp

Maximillian S. Langenkamp

Codifying a Dual System Morality Through Reinforcement Learning
Yuan  Lee

Yuan Lee

Discrete Event Simulation for Quantum Networks
Ariel Skye Levy

Ariel Skye Levy

Building the ImageNet for Clinical NLP
Justin K. Lim

Justin K. Lim

Learning Optimal Treatment Policies for Chronic Disease
Kevin  Limanta

Kevin Limanta

Electrochemical RAM Devices for Artificial Neural Network Synapses
Xu  Lin

Xu Lin

Designing Software to Summarize Discussions
Po-Han  Lin

Po-Han Lin

Enhancing Effectiveness and Quality of Healthcare Through Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Robert  Lindland

Robert Lindland

Universal Features for Graphs and Markov Chains via Modal Decomposition
Isabelle  Liu

Isabelle Liu

Fabrication and Manipulation of Multi-Segment Soft Robotics
Sabrina  Liu

Sabrina Liu

A Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Reliable Estimation of Physiological Parameters
Hannah  Loizzo

Hannah Loizzo

Understanding the Stability and Elemental Interdiffusion Between Solid-State Electrolytes and High-Capacity Cathodes with Utilization of Li3BO3 as a Sintering Agent
Shan  Lu

Shan Lu

Learning Representations for 3D Scene View Synthesis
Chenkai  Mao

Chenkai Mao

Study of GaN Single-Photon-Emitters Under Applied Strain
Lingjie  Mei

Lingjie Mei

Zero-Shot Visual Concept Captioning
David  Mejorado

David Mejorado

Recording Neural Signals with a Wireless Neuro-Modulation Device
Elizabeth  Murray

Elizabeth Murray

Generating and Identifying Mechanistic Models in Biomedicine
Bhavik V. Nagda

Bhavik V. Nagda

Inductive Human Bias Via Human-Based Learning
Audace  Nakeshimana

Audace Nakeshimana

Implications and Trade-offs in the Deployment of Fair Machine Learning Algorithms
Subhash Naga Sri Nalluru

Subhash Naga Sri Nalluru

Cloud Based Semi-Supervised GANs Training
Eshaan  Nichani

Eshaan Nichani

Graph Convolutional Autoencoders for Latent Space Embedding of Gene Data
Joseph Robert Noszek

Joseph Robert Noszek

Analysis of Global Road Quality Data
Matej  Novak

Matej Novak

Data for Refugees: Analysis of Refugee Migration Data in Colombia
Tuomas Petteri Oikarinen

Tuomas Petteri Oikarinen

Quantifying the Vulnerability of Reinforcement Learning Systems
John Ramhorst Paris

John Ramhorst Paris

Nature Inspired Super-Maneuverability
Fjona  Parllaku

Fjona Parllaku

Acoustic Phonetic Variation in Speech Recognition
Jacob  Phillips

Jacob Phillips

Utilizing Discriminatory Networks and Expert Data in Training Reinforcement Learning Agents
Georgia Ulmer Phillips

Georgia Ulmer Phillips

Using Inverse Optimization and Machine Learning Models for Cancer Treatment Plans
Luke  Qi

Luke Qi

Ion-Motion Protocols for a Large-Scale Ion Trap Quantum Computer
Jessica Ayeley Quaye

Jessica Ayeley Quaye

Context-Aware Computing with Integrated Sensors
James  Quigley

James Quigley

Molecular Clock: Ultra-Stable Frequency Reference on a CMOS Chip
Collin Bradley Renae

Collin Bradley Renae

Can Batch Reverse Osmosis Systems Reduce the Cost of Seawater Desalination?
Yaateh Henry Richardson

Yaateh Henry Richardson

Applications of Learned Data Structures
Alexander James Root

Alexander James Root

High Performance Image Processing & Numerical Optimizations
Roshni  Sahoo

Roshni Sahoo

Developing Models Resilient to Feature-Dependent Label Noise
Brent Carlton Samuels

Brent Carlton Samuels

NB: The Future Textbook
Ryan Matthew Sander

Ryan Matthew Sander

Deep Reinforcement Learning and Game-Theoretic Control for Autonomous Navigation in Multi-Agent Settings
Gabriel Joseph Schneider

Gabriel Joseph Schneider

Analysis of Feature Cues in Speech of Children with Speech Disorders
Michael Sol Silver

Michael Sol Silver

Question Answering from Wikipedia
Aaditya  Singh

Aaditya Singh

Understanding How the Brain Parses Language
Emily  Skilling

Emily Skilling

Instrumented Crutch for Adaptive Balance Assistance
Sarah  Spector

Sarah Spector

Magnetic Locomotion of SynCells
Daniel  Sun

Daniel Sun

Compositionality for Robot Instruction Following
Sachin  Thapa

Sachin Thapa

Ingestible Robots for Long Lasting Gastric Monitoring
Bahrudin  Trbalic

Bahrudin Trbalic

Assembly of Hybrid COIN
Carson I. Tucker

Carson I. Tucker

Permeate Quality and Scaling in Batch Reverse Osmosis
Avital  Vainberg

Avital Vainberg

Visualizing Spatio-Temporal Patterns
Yi  Wang

Yi Wang

Automating Online Experiments: Algorithmic Creation of Online Virtual Environment
Yang  Yan

Yang Yan

Topiary: A Spreadsheet Data Model for Web Applications
Annie  Yun

Annie Yun

Congressional Redistricting Through Graph Partition Sampling
Catherine  Zeng

Catherine Zeng

Information Transmission and Integration Through Coupled Oscillators