Scholars 2018-2019

Ebrahim  Al Johani

Ebrahim Al Johani

Characterization and Modeling of Surface Illuminated Resonant Silicon Photodetectors for Near-Infrared Applications
Shahul  Alam

Shahul Alam

Using Compressed Sensing to Improve the Efficiency of Gene Expression Data Collection
David James Amirault

David James Amirault

Extrapolation Regions for Clinical Causal Effect Estimates
Eswar  Anandapadmanaban

Eswar Anandapadmanaban

Augmented Reality for Exploration Missions
Raja Bilal Azhar

Raja Bilal Azhar

Investigating New Optical Phase Change Materials
Siranush  Babakhanova

Siranush Babakhanova

Monomeric BPhP-Based Fluorescent Protein: miRFP2
Katharine  Bacher

Katharine Bacher

A Meter-Scale Soft Robotic Module for Reconfigurable Robots
Brandon Justin Baraban

Brandon Justin Baraban

Composition of Sensorimotor Primitives in Robotics
David Anthony Bau

David Anthony Bau

Interpreting the Operation of Neural Question-Answering Models
Sooraj  Boominathan

Sooraj Boominathan

Prediction of Patient Antibiotic Resistance Profiles
Akhilan  Boopathy

Akhilan Boopathy

Analysis and Quantification of the Robustness of Neural Networks
Naomi S. Bright

Naomi S. Bright

Optimization of Micro Algae for Lipid Production
Nithin  Buduma

Nithin Buduma

Information Sharing Among Distributed Neural Networks
Thomas Raymond Carotti

Thomas Raymond Carotti

Implementing Additional Functionality for a Verified Compiler
Alyssa  Chen

Alyssa Chen

Real-Time Planning Support for ICU Work Rounds
Melanie  Chen

Melanie Chen

Exposing the Invisible Surveillance Behind Every Day, Web-Browsing Activities
Xinyi  Chen

Xinyi Chen

Optimizing Performance on Graph Applications With A High-Performance Graph DSL
Alan De-Hao Cheng

Alan De-Hao Cheng

A Depth-Estimation Platform for Low Power Time-of-Flight Imaging
Stephanie  Chin

Stephanie Chin

Classifying Traffic Camera Data at Scale for Transportation System Resilience
Sarah  Coleman

Sarah Coleman

Optimal Phosphor Construction for the Light-Emitting Plant (LEP)
Rebekah  Costello

Rebekah Costello

Effect of Enteric Mucins on the Transport and Antimicrobial Activity of Human Defensins
Ali Rami Daher

Ali Rami Daher

Brain Tumor Modeling and Learning
Ramya  Durvasula

Ramya Durvasula

Predicting Gene Function Via Hyperbolic Space Embedding
Yu Liang  Fang

Yu Liang Fang

Side-Channel Resistant Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Hardware
Gabriel David Fields

Gabriel David Fields

Designing Placebo with Multisensory Stimulus and Targeted Memory Reactivation
Michal Lukasz Gala

Michal Lukasz Gala

Role of Proton Source in Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis
Jiyang  Gao

Jiyang Gao

Optimization of General Secret Key Sharing Scheme
Magson  Gao

Magson Gao

WiTrack 3.0: Through-Wall Detection Using Multi-Antenna Arrays
Apolonia  Gardner

Apolonia Gardner

Elucidating Connections Between Brain Activity and Behavior in Rodents
Austin James Garrett

Austin James Garrett

Program Induction for Intuitive Physics
Sydney Marie Gibson

Sydney Marie Gibson

Reducing Redundancy and Improving User Experience in CSPEC
Divya  Gopinath

Divya Gopinath

Modeling Audition and Vision with Deep Learning
John Michael Grosen

John Michael Grosen

Security Policies for Applications
Arjun Raj Gupta

Arjun Raj Gupta

Deep Learning for Scene Understanding and Prediction
Parker A. Hall

Parker A. Hall

Pattern Mining for Network Traffic Management
Matias  Hanco

Matias Hanco

Filtering Database Entries in STO
Helen  He

Helen He

Extrapolating Information from Facebook Wall Data
Jesse  Hinricher

Jesse Hinricher

Thermogalvanic Flow Cell for Waste Heat Recovery
Helen  Ho

Helen Ho

Computer Graphics for Improving AI
Jenna  Hong

Jenna Hong

A Multimodal Memory Augmentation Interface: Unlocking Human Cognition Behind Story Memorability
Eileen  Hu

Eileen Hu

Developing RNA-Based Synthetic Biology Circuits
Hung-Jui  Huang

Hung-Jui Huang

Navigation in Unknown Environment Using Visual Feature
Louisa Ruixue Huang

Louisa Ruixue Huang

Robust Optimization of Quantum Error Correcting Codes for Quantum Sensing
Nancy  Hung

Nancy Hung

Developing a Multipurpose Automated Platform for Quantitative Cellular Imaging
Nazar  Ilamanov

Nazar Ilamanov

The Psychophysics of Hands
Yara  Jabbour Al Maalouf

Yara Jabbour Al Maalouf

Development of a CBD-Protein, a Fusion Protein for Antibody Paper Based Assays
Satvat  Jagwani

Satvat Jagwani

Map Update Using GPS Data
Shreyan  Jain

Shreyan Jain

Evaluating Robustness of Neural Networks for Graph Structured Data
Endrias  Kahssay

Endrias Kahssay

Performance Engineering Cilksan: A Provably Correct Race Detector
Alex  Kimn

Alex Kimn

Application of Artificial Data Generation to Deep-Learning Based Sentence Error Correction
Milo Henry Lovelace Knowles

Milo Henry Lovelace Knowles

Robust Data Association for Object-Level SLAM
Rohan Sundar Kodialam

Rohan Sundar Kodialam

Optimal Algorithms for Ski Rental with Soft Machine-Learned Predictions
Daniel Alexander Korsun

Daniel Alexander Korsun

The Effects of Magnetic Field During Irradiation on Critical Current Capabilities of REBCO High-Temperature Superconductors
Severyn  Kozak

Severyn Kozak

Investigating Performance Anomalies in Cilk, a C/C++ Parallel Computing Framework
Ronit N. Langer

Ronit N. Langer

The War on Drugs: Bayesian Optimization for De Novo Protein Design
Ashley Jieun Lee

Ashley Jieun Lee

Learning to Generate 3D Point Clouds
Calvin  Lee

Calvin Lee

Extending Generalization Theory to Include Adversarial Robustness
Toru  Lin

Toru Lin

Learning Particle Dynamics in Partially Observable Scenes
Cynthia Tianqing Liu

Cynthia Tianqing Liu

Alignment as an Indicator for Two Distinct Training Regimes
Sebastian A. Lopez-Cot

Sebastian A. Lopez-Cot

Improving Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Methods for Knowledge Transfer and Explainability
Sophia  Luo

Sophia Luo

Modeling and Predicting Investor Trading Behavior Using Media Sentiment
Cory John Lynch

Cory John Lynch

Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation on the Decentralized Web
Jingwei  Ma

Jingwei Ma

Analyzing 3D Reconstruction of Cameras and Spatial Information in Movies and Building a Deep Learning Model to Improve Current Algorithms
Wenyu  Ma

Wenyu Ma

Impact of Renewable Generation on Natural Gas Infrastructure for Power Generation
Jennifer L. Madiedo

Jennifer L. Madiedo

Persuasion Through Character Relation in Story-Processing Systems
Tugsbayasgalan  Manlaibaatar

Tugsbayasgalan Manlaibaatar

Accelerating Triangular Counting on Large-Scale Graphs
Gabriel  Margolis

Gabriel Margolis

Active Learning of Graphical Models for Informative Path Planning
Brooke  McGoldrick

Brooke McGoldrick

Inferring People’s Personal Traits from Location Traces
Haripriya  Mehta

Haripriya Mehta

Paper Dreams
Puneeth NSK Meruva

Puneeth NSK Meruva

End-to-End Learning of Perception Data for Autonomous Vehicles
Antonis  Michael

Antonis Michael

Reasoning About Emotions - Building Generative Models of Emotional Intelligence
Jesse  Michel

Jesse Michel

Fine-Grained Mixed Precision Computing with Deep Neural Networks
Sophie  Mori

Sophie Mori

A Spreadsheet-Based Interface for Web Application Development
Yukimi  Morimoto

Yukimi Morimoto

Fabrication and Characterization of Thin Film Superconductors and Wires on Thin Films
Faraaz  Nadeem

Faraaz Nadeem

Automatic Music Transcription with Multiple Instruments
Moin  Nadeem

Moin Nadeem

Fact-Checking and Reasoning
Hoang  Nguyen

Hoang Nguyen

Development of Feature-Cue Based Speech Analysis System
Joshua Eron Noel

Joshua Eron Noel

Exploring the Design Space of Superscalar RISC-V Processors
Domenic  Nutile

Domenic Nutile

Profiling Execution of Auto-Parallelized Programs in the Swarm Architecture
Fernando Andre Ortiz-Soto

Fernando Andre Ortiz-Soto

Sampling in the Space of Redistricting Plans
David  Pacheco

David Pacheco

Linguistic Analysis of Wikipedia for Question Answering
Aman S. Patel

Aman S. Patel

Determination and Prediction of Histone Modification Covariance Structures
William  Peebles

William Peebles

Generating Videos from an Image and a Sentence
Ashisha Nirupa Persad

Ashisha Nirupa Persad

Sensors for Oral Health
Phuong Mai Pham

Phuong Mai Pham

Alzheimer's Disease Prediction by Cell-Free DNA Methylation
Isabelle  Phinney

Isabelle Phinney

Transport Properties in 2D Materials
Collin Luke Potts

Collin Luke Potts

Linguistic Analysis of Wikipedia for Question Answering
Korrawat  Pruegsanusak

Korrawat Pruegsanusak

Machine Learning with Computer Graphics for Self-Driving Car
Ravi  Rahman

Ravi Rahman

Semantic Smart Contracts for Enforceable Data Sharing Agreements
Basil N. Saeed

Basil N. Saeed

Inferring Structure in Gaussian Graphical Models from Noisy Observations
Janelle  Sands

Janelle Sands

Sonic Enrichment at the Zoo
Nilai Manish Sarda

Nilai Manish Sarda

Topological Word Embeddings
Zachary David Schmitz

Zachary David Schmitz

Economical, High Throughput Automation & Instrumentation
Ayush  Sharma

Ayush Sharma

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Framework
Kristin  Sheridan

Kristin Sheridan

DNA-Based Fuzzy Addressing for Memory Storage
Luke  Shimanuki

Luke Shimanuki

Learning Distance Heuristics to Guide Robot Manipulation
Sky  Shin

Sky Shin

Towards Continuous Lifelong Learning
Kaymie  Shiozawa

Kaymie Shiozawa

Seeking Critical Information for Autonomous Mining and Construction Machines via Operator Gaze Tracking
Michal  Shlapentokh-Rothman

Michal Shlapentokh-Rothman

Securing the Software-Defined Perimeter with Co-Optimization
Christabel Jemutai Sitienei

Christabel Jemutai Sitienei

Driving Financial Inclusion in East Africa Through AI
Christine  Soh

Christine Soh

Analyzing Speech Signals for Clinical Diagnosis of Speech Impairments
Garrett Michael Souza

Garrett Michael Souza

Effects of Visual Media on Implicit Biases
Katherine  Stoll

Katherine Stoll

Microstructure Engineering of Thick, Porous Electrodes for Energy Storage
Adrian Reginald Chua Sy

Adrian Reginald Chua Sy

The Future Textbook
Melinda  Szabo

Melinda Szabo

Unobtrusive Estimation of Blood Pressure Variation
Kunal  Tangri

Kunal Tangri

Music Generation from Raw Audio
Patrick  Tornes

Patrick Tornes

Intersections of Machine Learning and Adaptive Control with Aerial Vehicle Flight Testing
Tenzin Samten Ukyab

Tenzin Samten Ukyab

Enabling Hardware Acceleration for Lattice-Based Cryptography
Taylor  V’Dovec

Taylor V’Dovec

Novel Morphing Technology on the Lifting Surface for Aerial and Aquatic Transportation Improvement
Francisca  Vasconcelos

Francisca Vasconcelos

Extending Quantum State Tomography for Superconducting Quantum Processors
Arsen  Vasilyan

Arsen Vasilyan

Testing Fourier Properties of Boolean Functions in Sublinear Time
Rohil  Verma

Rohil Verma

Investigating the Confidence of Deep Neural Networks
Suchan  Vivatsethachai

Suchan Vivatsethachai

Transfer Learning Across Hospitals by Discovering Latent Patient-Hospital Sub-Mechanisms
Mike Meichang Wang

Mike Meichang Wang

An Interlock for Self-Driving Cars
Rose Elizabeth Wang

Rose Elizabeth Wang

Vision-Based Approach to Localization and Mapping in Autonomous Vehicles
Ziheng  Wang

Ziheng Wang

Deep Learning Biological Ensembles
Mattie Frantz Wasiak

Mattie Frantz Wasiak

Leveraging Clinical Data Sets to Optimize Oxygen Delivery to Newborns
Ethan  Weber

Ethan Weber

Perception for Robotic Manipulation
Elizabeth  Wei

Elizabeth Wei

Optimizing Lossless Compression on GPUs
Jesse  Widner

Jesse Widner

Bayesian Conditioning on Gaussian Mixture Models for Automatic Speech Signal Analysis
Wei Hou  Wu

Wei Hou Wu

Investigative Privacy Preferences, Expectations and Behaviors of Voice-Activated Devices
Megan  Yamoah

Megan Yamoah

Microwave Dielectric Loss of Hexagonal Boron Nitride in the Low-Temperature, Single-Photon Regime
Grace  Yin

Grace Yin

Bundling Variables in Auto-Parallelized Swarm Programs
Mikaeel  Yunus

Mikaeel Yunus

Design of Quantum Photonic Device Components Using MEEP
Yunkun  Zhou

Yunkun Zhou

Shortest Vector Problem
Yunyi  Zhu

Yunyi Zhu

3D Printed Breadboard for Customizable Electronics Prototyping
Xingyu  Zou

Xingyu Zou

Breakdown Mechanism in Vertical GaN Power Fin-FETs