Scholars 2017-2018

Maryam  Archie

Maryam Archie

Building Apps from Concept Clichés
Annamarie Elizabeth Bair

Annamarie Elizabeth Bair

Improved Modeling and Analysis of Gene Expression
Ayesha  Bajwa

Ayesha Bajwa

Investigating the Past to Predict the Future of Personal Privacy
Masakazu  Bando

Masakazu Bando

Instrumentation Modules
Archis R. Bhandarkar

Archis R. Bhandarkar

Designer Neuronal Networks: Studying and Guiding Neuronal Differentiation with miRNA-based Genetic Circuits
Srilaya  Bhavaraju

Srilaya Bhavaraju

Using Locality-Sensitive Hashing on ECG Waveform Data
Emma  Bingham

Emma Bingham

Does Democracy Cause Free Trade?
Jake Ryan Burga

Jake Ryan Burga

Generalized Learning Through Video Games
Caitlin  Cassidy

Caitlin Cassidy

Glanceable Code History: Visualizing Student Code for Better Instructor Feedback
Jesse  Chang

Jesse Chang

Video Atomic Force Microscopy
Megan  Chao

Megan Chao

Designing Software for Creating 3D Interactive Displays
Nicholas G. Charchut

Nicholas G. Charchut

Road Understanding with Deep Learning
Shivani  Chauhan

Shivani Chauhan

Managing and Controlling Networks Under Uncertainties and Imperfect State Knowledge
Run  Chen

Run Chen

Eye-Tracking Experiment on Reading Patterns of Non-Natives
Sharlene L. Chiu

Sharlene L. Chiu

Exploring the Future of Urban Mobility with Scenario Discovery
Kevin Kyung Bum Cho

Kevin Kyung Bum Cho

Automated Safety Verification Toolbox for Autonomous Cars
Zareen  Choudhury

Zareen Choudhury

Canopy: The ROS Cloud Robotics Framework and Cloud Computing Platform Service
Mark  Chounlakone

Mark Chounlakone

Automated Amperometric Immunoassay
Nichole Imani Clarke

Nichole Imani Clarke

Democratizing Cross-Platform Mobile Development with App Inventor
Emily  Damato

Emily Damato

Applications of Machine Learning for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM)
Ronald  Davis

Ronald Davis

Controlling Diamond Spin with a Microscale CMOS Inductor
Leo  de Castro

Leo de Castro

Efficient Two-Party Computation from Plaintext-Ciphertext Homomorphic Operations
Hannah  Diehl

Hannah Diehl

Qubit Factory: Developing Light-Matter Interfaces
Erika A. Ding

Erika A. Ding

Protein Purification by Reversible Solvent-Induced Phase Transitions
Peter  Downs

Peter Downs

Spectacles: Assisting Speculative Analysis in Active Archives
Jamell  Dozier

Jamell Dozier

Learning Insideness with Deep Neural Networks
Yilun  Du

Yilun Du

Physics Supervision Helps Scene Reconstruction
Samir  Dutta

Samir Dutta

Linking the Political and Economic Determinants of International Trade with Tariff Rate Data
Yannick  Eatmon

Yannick Eatmon

Studying Liquid Transport Through Small Diameter Carbon Nanotubes
Patrick Ikedi Egbuchulam

Patrick Ikedi Egbuchulam

Dynamic Background Music for Action Adventure Video Games
Logan  Engstrom

Logan Engstrom

A Rotation and a Translation Suffice: Fooling CNNs with Simple Transformations
Brook  Eyob

Brook Eyob

Kinetics and Product Distribution of Bimolecular Radical Reactions Relevant to Combustion
Evelyn  Florentine

Evelyn Florentine

Reasonableness Monitor for Autonomous Machines
Elliott Vetle Forde

Elliott Vetle Forde

Automatically Exploiting Data Locality in Speculative Parallel Code
Rene Andres Garcia Franceschini

Rene Andres Garcia Franceschini

Use of sUASs for Infrastructure Monitoring in Communication-Constrained Environments
James Harry Gilles

James Harry Gilles

Do We Really Understand Neural Networks?
Zoe  Gong

Zoe Gong

Simulating Application Fault Tolerance Under First Class Execution Models
Claire Sinetar Goul

Claire Sinetar Goul

Efficient Cellular Delivery of DNA Nanoparticles
Iva Monique Tejero Gramatikov

Iva Monique Tejero Gramatikov

Machine Learning and In Silico Peptide Design
Dylan  Grullon

Dylan Grullon

Resilient Networking Over Unreliable Substrate
Driss  Hafdi

Driss Hafdi

Synchronization of Multiple RF Tracking Devices
Jacob  Higgins

Jacob Higgins

Video Games for Social Issues
Jeffrey  Hu

Jeffrey Hu

Active Learning for Semantic Segmentation
Aaron  Huang

Aaron Huang

Fast Multi-Vehicle Path-Planning with Decentralized Heuristics
Andrew  Ilyas

Andrew Ilyas

Training GANs with Optimism
Ekin  Karasan

Ekin Karasan

An Enhanced Mechanistic Model for Capnography with Application to CHF-COPD Discrimination
Kritkorn  Karntikoon

Kritkorn Karntikoon

Climate Networks and Ricci Curvature
Abigail  Katcoff

Abigail Katcoff

Pluripotency and Spatial Organization in Embryonic Stem Cells
Srinivas  Kaza

Srinivas Kaza

Interactive Sound Propagation via a Hybrid Numerical Simulation and Geometric Acoustics Approach Using Signed Distance Functions
Sean Patrick Kelley

Sean Patrick Kelley

Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion for Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Houssam  Kherraz

Houssam Kherraz

Towards an Unbiased Dataset
Jin Woo Kim

Jin Woo Kim

Quantification of Calcium Deposits for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Imaging Software Development
Sharon Jerop Kipruto

Sharon Jerop Kipruto

Improving Maternal Healthcare Outcomes in Kenya
Jun Jie Joseph  Kuan

Jun Jie Joseph Kuan

Between-Ride Routing Algorithms for Private Transportation Service
Ma Czarina  Lao

Ma Czarina Lao

Déjà Vu: A Conceptual Software Design Method for Web Applications
Quang  Le

Quang Le

Improving Human-Robot Interaction
Elizabeth  Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Noninvasive Hemoglobin Estimation Using Video Microscopy
Ka Wai (Joanne)  Lee

Ka Wai (Joanne) Lee

Generating Annotations from Wikipedia to Answer Questions
Jiahao  Li

Jiahao Li

Rhino - The Optimizing Parallel Program Compiler
Jessy  Lin

Jessy Lin

Learning to Speak by Inverting and Composing Motor Programs
Kevin  Liu

Kevin Liu

Enforceable Data Sharing Agreements Using Smart Contracts
Carolyn  Lu

Carolyn Lu

WYSIWYFab: Integrating 3D Modeling and Slicing
Siyu  Lu

Siyu Lu

“The Car Can Explain” — Propagators for Autonomous Vehicles
Israel  Macias

Israel Macias

Acoustic Cue Detection for LEXI - The First Acoustic Cue Based Automatic Speech Recognition System
Varun Raj Mangalick

Varun Raj Mangalick

Inference and Generation of HTTP Based Web Application Program Interfaces
Tarek  Mansour

Tarek Mansour

Breast Cancer Prediction Through Deep Learning
Cheahuychou  Mao

Cheahuychou Mao

Using Wikipedia Infoboxes for Natural Language Question Answering
Akaki  Margvelashvili

Akaki Margvelashvili

Identifying Cancer on Breast X-Ray Images
Elizabeth Ella Martin

Elizabeth Ella Martin

Predicting Outcomes of Patients with Sepsis in Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
Miranda Nicole McClellan

Miranda Nicole McClellan

WebRTC-Based Network Performance Measurements
Barry Anthony McNamara

Barry Anthony McNamara

Responsive Layout Generation
Edgar  Minasyan

Edgar Minasyan

Parametric Inversion of Non-Invertible Functions
Natalie  Mionis

Natalie Mionis

Power/Accuracy Tradeoff in FPGA Low Resolution Neural Network
Katy G. Muhlrad

Katy G. Muhlrad

Using GelSight to Identify Objects by Touch
Mikayla Ida Murphy

Mikayla Ida Murphy

Digital Governance: Using Big Data to Measure Government Transparency Online
Helmuth John Naumer

Helmuth John Naumer

Vasculature Graphical Model Extraction: A Framework for Inference
Patricio  Noyola

Patricio Noyola

Improving the Performance of the Tensor Algebra Compiler
Cattalyya  Nuengsigkapian

Cattalyya Nuengsigkapian

Practical Multi-Camera System for Indoor Localization and Human Identification
Afika  Nyati

Afika Nyati

Flow Presentation: An Alternative Text Presentation for Digital Reading
Omar  Obeya

Omar Obeya

Parallelizing Saturation Degree Heuristic for Graph Coloring Using Speculative Parallelism
Nitah Nyang’ate Onsongo

Nitah Nyang’ate Onsongo

Theatryc: A New Theater-Arts Communication Platform
Daniel  Osorio

Daniel Osorio

Determining the Relationship Between the Microbiome and the PD-1 Pathway
Emily  Penn

Emily Penn

Large Scale Energy Storage: Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Porous Electrodes for Redox Flow Batteries
Tuan Manh Phan

Tuan Manh Phan

Low-Cost Micromanipulator
Carla Nicole Pinzon

Carla Nicole Pinzon

Implementation of a Voice Activity Detector for Energy Equalization
Nipun  Pitimanaaree

Nipun Pitimanaaree

NVL Coq – Spark SQL Formalization and Optimization
Smriti  Pramanick

Smriti Pramanick

Real-Time Audio Synchronization
Ryan T. Prinster

Ryan T. Prinster

Sequential Multitask Learning via Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Archana  Ram

Archana Ram

Bacteria Make Decisions Too: A Binary Choice Model Based on Competence in Bacillus subtilis
Oliver  Ren

Oliver Ren

Predicting and Understanding Unexpected Respiratory Decompensation in Critical Care
Stephanie  Ren

Stephanie Ren

Learning to Interpret Wireless Location Data
William Alfonso Rodriguez

William Alfonso Rodriguez

Analyzing Electric Vehicle Charging Data to Enhance Efficiency of Demand Response Algorithms
Andrew  Rouditchenko

Andrew Rouditchenko

The Sound of Pixels
Helen A. Sakharova

Helen A. Sakharova

Computer-Guided Engineering of Neuronal Circuits
Nur Muhammad  Shafiullah

Nur Muhammad Shafiullah

Building a Principled Understanding of Deep Neural Networks: Exploring the Limits of Adversarial Robustness
Christopher  Shao

Christopher Shao

A Framework for Specifying and Formally Verifying System Security Policies
Yao E Siabi

Yao E Siabi

High-Level Processing Module for a Speech-Analysis System
Anna  Sinelnikova

Anna Sinelnikova

How the Tolerance Principle Plays into Language Acquisition
Chandler  Squires

Chandler Squires

Direct Estimation of Differences in Causal Graphs
Jeremy Paul Stroming

Jeremy Paul Stroming

Earth Speaks: A Digital Ocean Platform for Citizen Engagement
Mengyuan (Mina)  Sun

Mengyuan (Mina) Sun

Collision Resolution for a Network of Ultra-Fast Frequency Hopping Devices
Philip  Sun

Philip Sun

Parallel High-Efficiency Video Coding
Tingxiao  Sun

Tingxiao Sun

Machine Learning in Autonomous Control for Airborne Wind Energy System
Fransisca  Susan

Fransisca Susan

What do Neural Machine Translation Models Infer about Multiple Semantics of Homonyms?
Christopher  Sweeney

Christopher Sweeney

DeepSim: A Learned Approach to Generating Realistic Synthetic Depth Images
Tristan Andrew Fraser Thrush

Tristan Andrew Fraser Thrush

Learning Intuition for Problem Solving with K-Line Theory
Brian  Tom

Brian Tom

Learning Program Embeddings with RNNs
Loc Q Trinh

Loc Q Trinh

Semi-Supervised Learning for Clinical Phenotyping
Surya  Tripathi

Surya Tripathi

Understanding the Early Infant Micro-Biome Selection Forces
Justin Daniel Tunis

Justin Daniel Tunis

Indoor Localization via Sensor Fusion of UWB, IMU, and Camera Data
Alexander Matthew Turner

Alexander Matthew Turner

Introducing Backdoors in Neural Networks with Data Poisoning
Jason Giovanni Villanueva

Jason Giovanni Villanueva

Improved State Estimation in Autonomous Vehicles
Aaron Richard Vontell

Aaron Richard Vontell

Accessibility of Mobile Applications
Thuy-Duong  Vuong

Thuy-Duong Vuong

Fixed-Length Cycle Detection in Directed Graph
Eric Joseph Wadkins

Eric Joseph Wadkins

Self-Driving Microscopy: Bayesian Inference for Instrument Tracking and Localization
Katherine  Wang

Katherine Wang

Creating a Database Log History Page for Cloud Components in App Inventor to Support Software Development Education
Larry Z. Wang 

Larry Z. Wang 

Kernel Functional Maps
Wendy  Wei

Wendy Wei

Decoding the Hidden Language of a Deep Neural Network
Xin  Wen

Xin Wen

FitFab: Varying Infill of 3D Printed Food to Reduce Calorie Intake
Lindsay  Westlake

Lindsay Westlake

Decoding Human Visual Processing
Diana  Wofk

Diana Wofk

Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network for Depth Prediction
Kifle  Woldu

Kifle Woldu

Personalized Web Page Recommendations using Browsing Activity
Eric  Wong

Eric Wong

Structural Implications of the Bone-Periodontal Ligament-Cementum Complex
Sarah  Wooders

Sarah Wooders

Improving Image Alignment Through Localized Recomputation
Albert  Wu

Albert Wu

Implementing an Ankle Exoskeleton to Reduce Running Metabolic Cost
Yinzhan  Xu

Yinzhan Xu

Deductive Synthesis of Linear Algebra Formula in Coq Proof Assistant
Yuancheng  Yu

Yuancheng Yu

Extremal Distances in Directed Graphs
Erica Ji Yuen

Erica Ji Yuen

Creating Data Visualization Features in App Inventor
Vivian  Zhong

Vivian Zhong

Effect of Oxygen Exposure on Bacterial Colonization in rCDI Patients Post-Fecal Microbiota Transplant
Liang  Zhou

Liang Zhou

An Intuitive Constraint-Based Model of Physical Dynamics