Scholars 2016-2017

Dhroova  Aiylam

Dhroova Aiylam

Semidefinite Relaxations of Surface Deformation Problems
Mohammed  Al Ai Baky

Mohammed Al Ai Baky

Electronic Controllers for Quantum Photonics Applications
Suma  Anand

Suma Anand

Biomimetic Receivers for Ultrasonic Echolocation
Aneesh  Anand

Aneesh Anand

Probabilistic Computing
Peniel  Argaw

Peniel Argaw

Implementing a Mobile Solution to Non-invasive Optical Screening of Diabetes
Cordelia  Avery

Cordelia Avery

Wikipedia as an information source for the START question-answering system
Andres Felipe Badel

Andres Felipe Badel

Cost-Effective Large-Scale Energy Storage: Towards the Development of Sulfur-Based Redox Flow Batteries
Rohan  Banerjee

Rohan Banerjee

Towards the Development of a Robotic System with Conversational Audio-Visual Localization Capabilities
Preksha  Bhagchandani

Preksha Bhagchandani

Development of a Mouse Model to Analyze the Role of Commensals in CD4IEL Induction
Andreea  Bobu

Andreea Bobu

Representations of Leukoaraiosis in Clinical Brain Images
Isaiah  Borne

Isaiah Borne

Lumped Kinetic Model for Upgrading Crude Oil with Supercritical Water
Marjorie  Buss

Marjorie Buss

Heterologous biosynthesis of coenzyme M to enable engineering of alkane and alkene metabolisms
Bingfei  Cao

Bingfei Cao

Learning Protein-RNA Binding Affinities
Landon  Carter

Landon Carter

Computational Design for Printable Hydraulic Mechanisms
William  Caruso

William Caruso

Accessibility of Mobile Apps
Uttara  Chakraborty

Uttara Chakraborty

Fiber-integrated InAs Quantum Dot Single-photon Sources
Kevin  Chan

Kevin Chan

Optimization and Application of the Eyeriss Object Classification System
Benjamin Y Chan

Benjamin Y Chan

Cognitive Management and Control of Optical Metropolitan Area Networks
Shraman Ray Chaudhuri

Shraman Ray Chaudhuri

High-performance Deep Learning for CPU Connectomics
Changping  Chen

Changping Chen

A Scheduling Tool for Computation Offloading in Architectures with Processing-In-Memory Capabilities
Douglas  Chen

Douglas Chen

Fast Recovery for Multicore In-Memory Databases through Replication
Tiffany Ann Chen

Tiffany Ann Chen

Relative Hypoglycemia and the Risk of Mortality in Critically Ill Patients
Lilly  Chin

Lilly Chin

Deployable Robotic Structure Using Novel Handed Auxetic Framework
Abigail  Choe

Abigail Choe

Use of Diversity for Effective Ensemble Modeling
Ryan  Chung

Ryan Chung

Automated Protein Sequence Annotation
Jared  Counts

Jared Counts

Particle Shape Optimization For En Masse Vibration
Sourav  Das

Sourav Das

Teaching a robot how to assemble puzzles
Chaarushena  Deb

Chaarushena Deb

Understanding the Nasal Polyp Ecosystem via Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing
Rosemond G. Dorleans

Rosemond G. Dorleans

Data Leak Detection Using Social Network Analysis and Vector Space Modeling
Dustin  Doss

Dustin Doss

Comparison of Representations for Clinical Texts
Madeleine  Duran

Madeleine Duran

Identifying Marker Genes in Differentially Expressed Cells
Joseph  Figura

Joseph Figura

Development of LED Beacon For Lasercom Ground Station Localization
Ignacio Estay Forno

Ignacio Estay Forno

Temperature-Modulated Superconducting Channels in Parallel with Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors
Alexa M. Garcia

Alexa M. Garcia

Interactions of Bacteroides fragilis in the Human Gut
Emily Maria Giurleo

Emily Maria Giurleo

Keyboard Accessibility in Block-Based Coding Environments
Aditya  Gopalan

Aditya Gopalan

Providing Optimal Information with the Informational Braess' Paradox
Tianxia (Summer)  Gu

Tianxia (Summer) Gu

Strain Profiling of the Human Gut Microbiome
Courtney Kate Guo

Courtney Kate Guo

Localization of the Heart in MRI Scans
Sarah  Hensley

Sarah Hensley

Balance and Force Control for NASA's Humanoid: Valkyrie
Erika Lynn Hill

Erika Lynn Hill

Cyclers as a Component of Mars Campaign Planning
Calvin  Huang

Calvin Huang

Improving the performance of the dReal nonlinear solver by exploring novel search strategies
Nathan Ray Hunt

Nathan Ray Hunt

Machine Learning for Clinical Prediction
Hyun Sub  Hwang

Hyun Sub Hwang

An Active Annotation Tool for Camera Tracking
Solan Thomas Israel-Megerssa

Solan Thomas Israel-Megerssa

Robustness of the optical-blocking filter on the REXIS instrument under launch and flight conditions
Michael  Janner

Michael Janner

Decomposed Language-Grounded Reinforcement Learning
Oliver  Jia-Richards

Oliver Jia-Richards

A Feasibility Study of Fiber-Film Probes for Characterisation of Cavitation Dynamics in a Rocket Engine Turbopump Inducer
Ziwen  Jiang

Ziwen Jiang

Microfluidic Device for Fast Heavy Metal Ion Concentration and Detection
Katy  Johnson

Katy Johnson

Microbial Phenotype Association Database to Interpret 16S Studies
Paul Windor Kalebu

Paul Windor Kalebu

Optimizing Filter Design for 3D RF Localization
Mohamed Hassan Kane

Mohamed Hassan Kane

Optimization-based Image-to-Image translation
Amir Hassan Karamlou

Amir Hassan Karamlou

Enhanced Readout of Spin Qubits
Ryan Henderson Kelly

Ryan Henderson Kelly

Modular Video Indexing and Retrieval System
Minsoo  Khang

Minsoo Khang

Oral Drug Delivery System for Gastrointestinal Track using Microneedles
Martin Jan Krasuski

Martin Jan Krasuski

Optimizing Memory System Performance in Graph Analytics
Alex  LaGrassa

Alex LaGrassa

Teaching Robots To Understand Natural Language Tasks
Jamarr Kyle Lampart

Jamarr Kyle Lampart

MIT Academic Social Network
Hane  Lee

Hane Lee

Guiding Drug Titration During Procedural Sedation
Hanna Xinyi Lee

Hanna Xinyi Lee

Probabilistic State Estimation using RFID Data
Allison  Lemus

Allison Lemus

Reliability of High-Voltage GaN
Dina  Levy-Lambert

Dina Levy-Lambert

Visualizing Patient Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Andrea  Li

Andrea Li

False arrhythmia alarm reduction in the intensive care unit
Denis  Li

Denis Li

Development of an automatic speech analysis system based on human speech cognition models
Jing Chao Lin

Jing Chao Lin

Self Supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection and Recognition
Anita  Liu

Anita Liu

Using Speech-Related Measurements for Acoustic Cues to Simultaneous Detection and Classification of Glides in English
William Enrique Lopez-Cordero

William Enrique Lopez-Cordero

Replication of the REXIS Radiation Cover
Erika  Lu

Erika Lu

Fast and Rich Physical Scene Understanding Through Visual De-animation
Jordan  Lucier

Jordan Lucier

Map Inference Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Jitesh  Maiyuran

Jitesh Maiyuran

Developing a Classifier for Parkinson's Disease
Amin  Manna

Amin Manna

Formal Verification of Enumerated Datastructures
Jimmy  Mawdsley

Jimmy Mawdsley

A Molecular Clock using Terahertz Spectral Sensing
Matt  McEachern

Matt McEachern

Web app that highlights objects in an image as they are dictated
Amber  Meighan

Amber Meighan

Clinical trial Product Accountability with Blockchain
Olivier Sebastien Midy

Olivier Sebastien Midy

SigShare: Distributed Mobile Computing with Intermittent Connections
Clementine  Mitchell

Clementine Mitchell

The Effect of Environment Presentation on Performance in Controlling the Robotic Arm on the ISS
Varun  Mohan

Varun Mohan

Exploiting Parallelism in OS Kernel System Calls
Khaled Khalil Moharam

Khaled Khalil Moharam

Investigating New Techniques for Human Hydration Level Measurement
Lucas Eduardo Morales

Lucas Eduardo Morales

Automatic Least-Effort Contextual Learning
Rachel Elizabeth Morgan

Rachel Elizabeth Morgan

Nanosatellite Lasercom System
William Steven Moses

William Steven Moses

Performance Engineering in a Parallel Environment
Andrew  Mullen

Andrew Mullen

Machine Learning for Embedded Analytics: Electromyography for Bruxism Detection
Ayrton De Jesus Munoz

Ayrton De Jesus Munoz

Characterization of defects in GaN using first-principles calculations
Battushig  Myanganbayar

Battushig Myanganbayar

Learning to understand language from captioned videos
Preksha  Naik

Preksha Naik

Architecture for Internet of Things: Acess Point Assignment
Maya  Nasr

Maya Nasr

MOXIE (Mars Oxygen Insitu Resource Utilization Experiment)
Demitri Walter Nava

Demitri Walter Nava

Approximate Set Similarity Joins Using Efficient Partitioning
Weerachai  Neeranartvong

Weerachai Neeranartvong

Estimating Low-Order Transfer Functions of Arterial Blood Pressure to Intracranial Pressure from Clinical Recordings
Linh  Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

Analyzing mutational signatures in somatic human genome
Timothy  Nguyen

Timothy Nguyen

Design and Fabrication of Fan Ducts In Advanced Turbofan Engines
Ebenezer  Nkwate

Ebenezer Nkwate

Genetic Logic Gates for Heart Disease Treatment
William Arthur Noble

William Arthur Noble

A Modular Interface for CPU-Based Neural Networks
Alexander  Nordin

Alexander Nordin

Hydration Monitoring through a novel CRT-based approach
Byungkyu  Park

Byungkyu Park

Accessibility of Mobile Apps
Rajeev  Parvathala

Rajeev Parvathala

3D Reconstruction of the Nervous System of a Worm
Jeanine Rebecca Pearson

Jeanine Rebecca Pearson

Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies
Gailin  Pease

Gailin Pease

Julia Language Use
Navil  Perez

Navil Perez

Mucus as a Regulator of Microbial Interactions in the Human Microbiome
Marcos Alberto Pertierra

Marcos Alberto Pertierra

Coding the Tax Code: Regulations to Formalism
Huy Dang Pham

Huy Dang Pham

Efficient reliable testing of complex software systems
Michael  Picchini

Michael Picchini

Robotic Arm for the SPHERES Satellites
Varot  Premtoon

Varot Premtoon

Answering Questions using Ternary Expressions
Rishad  Rahman

Rishad Rahman

Developing a Sparse Approximation to Gaussian Curvature
Erin  Reynolds

Erin Reynolds

Bioengineering Yeast for Heavy Metal Cleanup
Daniel D. Richman

Daniel D. Richman

RABBIT: Secure Wireless Communications Using Ultra-Fast Bit-Level Frequency Hopping
Maria Ximena Rueda-Guerrero

Maria Ximena Rueda-Guerrero

Specific-Language Impairment Diagnosis Based on Landmark Modifications in Non-Word Repetition Tasks
Luzdary  Ruelas

Luzdary Ruelas

Crystallization of Diphenhydramine using Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Shinjini  Saha

Shinjini Saha

Daydream: A Visual Web Application Builder for Déjà Vu
Ajay  Saini

Ajay Saini

Using Online Data to Predict Startup Success
Valerie Youngmi Sarge

Valerie Youngmi Sarge

Accelerating Super Resolution using Compressed Video
Mehmet Tugrul Savran

Mehmet Tugrul Savran

Algorithmic Clustering and Analysis of Spatial Organization of Chromosomes
Alisha  Saxena

Alisha Saxena

Developing Novel Methods for Robust De-identification of Electronic Health Record Data
Divya  Shanmugam

Divya Shanmugam

Developing Compressive Algorithms for Large-Scale Metagenomic Data Analysis
Yinghua (Kelly)  Shen

Yinghua (Kelly) Shen

Crowdsourcing ECG Signal Annotation Tool
Cooper  Sloan

Cooper Sloan

Predicting Bus Arrival Times with Neural Nets
Hyunjoon  Song

Hyunjoon Song

Automatic Dynamic Analysis Framework for Embedded Firmwares
Ali Can Soylemezoglu

Ali Can Soylemezoglu

Early Cancer Detection Through Deep Learning
Mayuri  Sridhar

Mayuri Sridhar

Recommendation Systems in Practice
Rahul  Sridhar

Rahul Sridhar

Improving Bug Realism in LAVA, a Vulnerability Injection System
Sanjana  Srivastava

Sanjana Srivastava

Understanding the Role of Context in Image Saliency
Lawrence Jialin Sun

Lawrence Jialin Sun

Bounds of the Restricted Isometry Property
Michael  Sun

Michael Sun

Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks for Predicting DNA Methylation
Kyle  Swanson

Kyle Swanson

Using Deep Learning to Detect Breast Cancer in Mammograms
Ertem Nusret Tas

Ertem Nusret Tas

Infrared Photodetectors Based on Percolative Films of Graphene Flakes
Erjona  Topalli

Erjona Topalli

Visualizing Trackers for a User-Conscious Web
Madeleine  Waller

Madeleine Waller

Verification Testing of DHU Firmware for TESS
Andy  Wang

Andy Wang

Smooth 2D Shape Interpolation for Multiple Keyframes
Li  Wang

Li Wang

Understanding the Ambiance of Images: Emotional Visual AI
Mark  Wang

Mark Wang

Graphical Analysis of Panama Papers
Mike  Wang

Mike Wang

Analytics for Vital Sign Data
Brian  Wheatman

Brian Wheatman

Tourist Path Optimization Problem
Sze Nga Wong

Sze Nga Wong

Development of Word Embeddings in a Semantically Meaningful Way
Jimmy  Wu

Jimmy Wu

Object Detection for Robotic Systems
Raymond  Wu

Raymond Wu

Optimizing Simit: A language for physical simulations
Andrew  Xia

Andrew Xia

Leakage Resistant Public Key Authentication for Embedded Devices
Mengjiao  Yang

Mengjiao Yang

Model for Generating Distributed Applications from Sequential Programs
Rachel  Yang

Rachel Yang

Field Balancing in High-Frequency Power Inductors
Rujie  Yao

Rujie Yao

Continuous Perfusion Culture Using Novel Microfluidic Separation Devices
Elisa  Young

Elisa Young

Lighting Estimation in Augmented Reality
Chengkai  Zhang

Chengkai Zhang

One-shot Learning for 3D Shape Perception
Jessie  Zhao

Jessie Zhao

Structural Determinants of Antibody Nonspecificity
Helen  Zhou

Helen Zhou

Understanding and Predicting Across Multiple Food Domains
Hugo  Zul

Hugo Zul

CyberSecurity in Software Defined Networks