Scholars 2018-2019

Dhroova  Aiylam

Dhroova Aiylam

Semidefinite Relaxations of Surface Deformation Problems
Mohammed  Al Ai Baky

Mohammed Al Ai Baky

Electronic Controllers for Quantum Photonics Applications
Ebrahim  Al Johani

Ebrahim Al Johani

Characterization and Modeling of Surface Illuminated Resonant Silicon Photodetectors for Near-Infrared Applications
Shahul  Alam

Shahul Alam

Using Compressed Sensing to Improve the Efficiency of Gene Expression Data Collection
David James Amirault

David James Amirault

Extrapolation Regions for Clinical Causal Effect Estimates
Suma  Anand

Suma Anand

Biomimetic Receivers for Ultrasonic Echolocation
Aneesh  Anand

Aneesh Anand

Probabilistic Computing
Eswar  Anandapadmanaban

Eswar Anandapadmanaban

Augmented Reality for Exploration Missions
Maryam  Archie

Maryam Archie

Building Apps from Concept Clichés
Peniel  Argaw

Peniel Argaw

Implementing a Mobile Solution to Non-invasive Optical Screening of Diabetes
Cordelia  Avery

Cordelia Avery

Wikipedia as an information source for the START question-answering system
Raja Bilal Azhar

Raja Bilal Azhar

Investigating New Optical Phase Change Materials
Siranush  Babakhanova

Siranush Babakhanova

Monomeric BPhP-Based Fluorescent Protein: miRFP2
Katharine  Bacher

Katharine Bacher

A Meter-Scale Soft Robotic Module for Reconfigurable Robots
Andres Felipe Badel

Andres Felipe Badel

Cost-Effective Large-Scale Energy Storage: Towards the Development of Sulfur-Based Redox Flow Batteries
Annamarie Elizabeth Bair

Annamarie Elizabeth Bair

Improved Modeling and Analysis of Gene Expression
Ayesha  Bajwa

Ayesha Bajwa

Investigating the Past to Predict the Future of Personal Privacy
Masakazu  Bando

Masakazu Bando

Instrumentation Modules
Rohan  Banerjee

Rohan Banerjee

Towards the Development of a Robotic System with Conversational Audio-Visual Localization Capabilities
Brandon Justin Baraban

Brandon Justin Baraban

Composition of Sensorimotor Primitives in Robotics
David Anthony Bau

David Anthony Bau

Interpreting the Operation of Neural Question-Answering Models
Preksha  Bhagchandani

Preksha Bhagchandani

Development of a Mouse Model to Analyze the Role of Commensals in CD4IEL Induction
Archis R. Bhandarkar

Archis R. Bhandarkar

Designer Neuronal Networks: Studying and Guiding Neuronal Differentiation with miRNA-based Genetic Circuits
Srilaya  Bhavaraju

Srilaya Bhavaraju

Using Locality-Sensitive Hashing on ECG Waveform Data
Emma  Bingham

Emma Bingham

Does Democracy Cause Free Trade?
Andreea  Bobu

Andreea Bobu

Representations of Leukoaraiosis in Clinical Brain Images
Sooraj  Boominathan

Sooraj Boominathan

Prediction of Patient Antibiotic Resistance Profiles
Akhilan  Boopathy

Akhilan Boopathy

Analysis and Quantification of the Robustness of Neural Networks
Isaiah  Borne

Isaiah Borne

Lumped Kinetic Model for Upgrading Crude Oil with Supercritical Water
Naomi S. Bright

Naomi S. Bright

Optimization of Micro Algae for Lipid Production
Nithin  Buduma

Nithin Buduma

Information Sharing Among Distributed Neural Networks
Jake Ryan Burga

Jake Ryan Burga

Generalized Learning Through Video Games
Marjorie  Buss

Marjorie Buss

Heterologous biosynthesis of coenzyme M to enable engineering of alkane and alkene metabolisms
Bingfei  Cao

Bingfei Cao

Learning Protein-RNA Binding Affinities
Thomas Raymond Carotti

Thomas Raymond Carotti

Implementing Additional Functionality for a Verified Compiler
Landon  Carter

Landon Carter

Computational Design for Printable Hydraulic Mechanisms
William  Caruso

William Caruso

Accessibility of Mobile Apps
Caitlin  Cassidy

Caitlin Cassidy

Glanceable Code History: Visualizing Student Code for Better Instructor Feedback
Uttara  Chakraborty

Uttara Chakraborty

Fiber-integrated InAs Quantum Dot Single-photon Sources
Kevin  Chan

Kevin Chan

Optimization and Application of the Eyeriss Object Classification System
Benjamin Y Chan

Benjamin Y Chan

Cognitive Management and Control of Optical Metropolitan Area Networks
Jesse  Chang

Jesse Chang

Video Atomic Force Microscopy
Megan  Chao

Megan Chao

Designing Software for Creating 3D Interactive Displays
Nicholas G. Charchut

Nicholas G. Charchut

Road Understanding with Deep Learning
Shraman Ray Chaudhuri

Shraman Ray Chaudhuri

High-performance Deep Learning for CPU Connectomics
Shivani  Chauhan

Shivani Chauhan

Managing and Controlling Networks Under Uncertainties and Imperfect State Knowledge
Run  Chen

Run Chen

Eye-Tracking Experiment on Reading Patterns of Non-Natives
Changping  Chen

Changping Chen

A Scheduling Tool for Computation Offloading in Architectures with Processing-In-Memory Capabilities
Douglas  Chen

Douglas Chen

Fast Recovery for Multicore In-Memory Databases through Replication
Tiffany Ann Chen

Tiffany Ann Chen

Relative Hypoglycemia and the Risk of Mortality in Critically Ill Patients
Alyssa  Chen

Alyssa Chen

Real-Time Planning Support for ICU Work Rounds
Melanie  Chen

Melanie Chen

Exposing the Invisible Surveillance Behind Every Day, Web-Browsing Activities
Xinyi  Chen

Xinyi Chen

Optimizing Performance on Graph Applications With A High-Performance Graph DSL
Alan De-Hao Cheng

Alan De-Hao Cheng

A Depth-Estimation Platform for Low Power Time-of-Flight Imaging
Lilly  Chin

Lilly Chin

Deployable Robotic Structure Using Novel Handed Auxetic Framework
Stephanie  Chin

Stephanie Chin

Classifying Traffic Camera Data at Scale for Transportation System Resilience
Sharlene L. Chiu

Sharlene L. Chiu

Exploring the Future of Urban Mobility with Scenario Discovery
Kevin Kyung Bum Cho

Kevin Kyung Bum Cho

Automated Safety Verification Toolbox for Autonomous Cars
Abigail  Choe

Abigail Choe

Use of Diversity for Effective Ensemble Modeling
Zareen  Choudhury

Zareen Choudhury

Canopy: The ROS Cloud Robotics Framework and Cloud Computing Platform Service
Mark  Chounlakone

Mark Chounlakone

Automated Amperometric Immunoassay
Ryan  Chung

Ryan Chung

Automated Protein Sequence Annotation
Nichole Imani Clarke

Nichole Imani Clarke

Democratizing Cross-Platform Mobile Development with App Inventor
Sarah  Coleman

Sarah Coleman

Optimal Phosphor Construction for the Light-Emitting Plant (LEP)
Rebekah  Costello

Rebekah Costello

Effect of Enteric Mucins on the Transport and Antimicrobial Activity of Human Defensins
Jared  Counts

Jared Counts

Particle Shape Optimization For En Masse Vibration
Ali Rami Daher

Ali Rami Daher

Brain Tumor Modeling and Learning
Emily  Damato

Emily Damato

Applications of Machine Learning for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM)
Sourav  Das

Sourav Das

Teaching a robot how to assemble puzzles
Ronald  Davis

Ronald Davis

Controlling Diamond Spin with a Microscale CMOS Inductor
Leo  de Castro

Leo de Castro

Efficient Two-Party Computation from Plaintext-Ciphertext Homomorphic Operations
Chaarushena  Deb

Chaarushena Deb

Understanding the Nasal Polyp Ecosystem via Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing
Hannah  Diehl

Hannah Diehl

Qubit Factory: Developing Light-Matter Interfaces
Erika A. Ding

Erika A. Ding

Protein Purification by Reversible Solvent-Induced Phase Transitions
Rosemond G. Dorleans

Rosemond G. Dorleans

Data Leak Detection Using Social Network Analysis and Vector Space Modeling
Dustin  Doss

Dustin Doss

Comparison of Representations for Clinical Texts
Peter  Downs

Peter Downs

Spectacles: Assisting Speculative Analysis in Active Archives
Jamell  Dozier

Jamell Dozier

Learning Insideness with Deep Neural Networks
Yilun  Du

Yilun Du

Physics Supervision Helps Scene Reconstruction
Madeleine  Duran

Madeleine Duran

Identifying Marker Genes in Differentially Expressed Cells
Ramya  Durvasula

Ramya Durvasula

Predicting Gene Function Via Hyperbolic Space Embedding
Samir  Dutta

Samir Dutta

Linking the Political and Economic Determinants of International Trade with Tariff Rate Data
Yannick  Eatmon

Yannick Eatmon

Studying Liquid Transport Through Small Diameter Carbon Nanotubes
Patrick Ikedi Egbuchulam

Patrick Ikedi Egbuchulam

Dynamic Background Music for Action Adventure Video Games
Logan  Engstrom

Logan Engstrom

A Rotation and a Translation Suffice: Fooling CNNs with Simple Transformations
Brook  Eyob

Brook Eyob

Kinetics and Product Distribution of Bimolecular Radical Reactions Relevant to Combustion
Yu Liang  Fang

Yu Liang Fang

Side-Channel Resistant Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Hardware
Gabriel David Fields

Gabriel David Fields

Designing Placebo with Multisensory Stimulus and Targeted Memory Reactivation
Joseph  Figura

Joseph Figura

Development of LED Beacon For Lasercom Ground Station Localization
Evelyn  Florentine

Evelyn Florentine

Reasonableness Monitor for Autonomous Machines
Elliott Vetle Forde

Elliott Vetle Forde

Automatically Exploiting Data Locality in Speculative Parallel Code
Ignacio Estay Forno

Ignacio Estay Forno

Temperature-Modulated Superconducting Channels in Parallel with Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors
Michal Lukasz Gala

Michal Lukasz Gala

Role of Proton Source in Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis
Jiyang  Gao

Jiyang Gao

Optimization of General Secret Key Sharing Scheme
Magson  Gao

Magson Gao

WiTrack 3.0: Through-Wall Detection Using Multi-Antenna Arrays
Alexa M. Garcia

Alexa M. Garcia

Interactions of Bacteroides fragilis in the Human Gut
Rene Andres Garcia Franceschini

Rene Andres Garcia Franceschini

Use of sUASs for Infrastructure Monitoring in Communication-Constrained Environments
Apolonia  Gardner

Apolonia Gardner

Elucidating Connections Between Brain Activity and Behavior in Rodents
Austin James Garrett

Austin James Garrett

Program Induction for Intuitive Physics
Sydney Marie Gibson

Sydney Marie Gibson

Reducing Redundancy and Improving User Experience in CSPEC
James Harry Gilles

James Harry Gilles

Do We Really Understand Neural Networks?
Emily Maria Giurleo

Emily Maria Giurleo

Keyboard Accessibility in Block-Based Coding Environments
Zoe  Gong

Zoe Gong

Simulating Application Fault Tolerance Under First Class Execution Models
Aditya  Gopalan

Aditya Gopalan

Providing Optimal Information with the Informational Braess' Paradox
Divya  Gopinath

Divya Gopinath

Modeling Audition and Vision with Deep Learning
Claire Sinetar Goul

Claire Sinetar Goul

Efficient Cellular Delivery of DNA Nanoparticles
Iva Monique Tejero Gramatikov

Iva Monique Tejero Gramatikov

Machine Learning and In Silico Peptide Design
John Michael Grosen

John Michael Grosen

Security Policies for Applications
Dylan  Grullon

Dylan Grullon

Resilient Networking Over Unreliable Substrate
Tianxia (Summer)  Gu

Tianxia (Summer) Gu

Strain Profiling of the Human Gut Microbiome
Courtney Kate Guo

Courtney Kate Guo

Localization of the Heart in MRI Scans
Arjun Raj Gupta

Arjun Raj Gupta

Deep Learning for Scene Understanding and Prediction
Driss  Hafdi

Driss Hafdi

Synchronization of Multiple RF Tracking Devices
Parker A. Hall

Parker A. Hall

Pattern Mining for Network Traffic Management
Matias  Hanco

Matias Hanco

Filtering Database Entries in STO
Helen  He

Helen He

Extrapolating Information from Facebook Wall Data
Sarah  Hensley

Sarah Hensley

Balance and Force Control for NASA's Humanoid: Valkyrie
Jacob  Higgins

Jacob Higgins

Video Games for Social Issues
Erika Lynn Hill

Erika Lynn Hill

Cyclers as a Component of Mars Campaign Planning
Jesse  Hinricher

Jesse Hinricher

Thermogalvanic Flow Cell for Waste Heat Recovery
Helen  Ho

Helen Ho

Computer Graphics for Improving AI
Jenna  Hong

Jenna Hong

A Multimodal Memory Augmentation Interface: Unlocking Human Cognition Behind Story Memorability
Jeffrey  Hu

Jeffrey Hu

Active Learning for Semantic Segmentation
Eileen  Hu

Eileen Hu

Developing RNA-Based Synthetic Biology Circuits
Calvin  Huang

Calvin Huang

Improving the performance of the dReal nonlinear solver by exploring novel search strategies
Aaron  Huang

Aaron Huang

Fast Multi-Vehicle Path-Planning with Decentralized Heuristics
Hung-Jui  Huang

Hung-Jui Huang

Navigation in Unknown Environment Using Visual Feature
Louisa Ruixue Huang

Louisa Ruixue Huang

Robust Optimization of Quantum Error Correcting Codes for Quantum Sensing
Nancy  Hung

Nancy Hung

Developing a Multipurpose Automated Platform for Quantitative Cellular Imaging
Nathan Ray Hunt

Nathan Ray Hunt

Machine Learning for Clinical Prediction
Hyun Sub  Hwang

Hyun Sub Hwang

An Active Annotation Tool for Camera Tracking
Nazar  Ilamanov

Nazar Ilamanov

The Psychophysics of Hands
Andrew  Ilyas

Andrew Ilyas

Training GANs with Optimism
Solan Thomas Israel-Megerssa

Solan Thomas Israel-Megerssa

Robustness of the optical-blocking filter on the REXIS instrument under launch and flight conditions
Yara  Jabbour Al Maalouf

Yara Jabbour Al Maalouf

Development of a CBD-Protein, a Fusion Protein for Antibody Paper Based Assays
Satvat  Jagwani

Satvat Jagwani

Map Update Using GPS Data
Shreyan  Jain

Shreyan Jain

Evaluating Robustness of Neural Networks for Graph Structured Data
Michael  Janner

Michael Janner

Decomposed Language-Grounded Reinforcement Learning
Oliver  Jia-Richards

Oliver Jia-Richards

A Feasibility Study of Fiber-Film Probes for Characterisation of Cavitation Dynamics in a Rocket Engine Turbopump Inducer
Ziwen  Jiang

Ziwen Jiang

Microfluidic Device for Fast Heavy Metal Ion Concentration and Detection
Katy  Johnson

Katy Johnson

Microbial Phenotype Association Database to Interpret 16S Studies
Endrias  Kahssay

Endrias Kahssay

Performance Engineering Cilksan: A Provably Correct Race Detector
Paul Windor Kalebu

Paul Windor Kalebu

Optimizing Filter Design for 3D RF Localization
Mohamed Hassan Kane

Mohamed Hassan Kane

Optimization-based Image-to-Image translation
Amir Hassan Karamlou

Amir Hassan Karamlou

Enhanced Readout of Spin Qubits
Ekin  Karasan

Ekin Karasan

An Enhanced Mechanistic Model for Capnography with Application to CHF-COPD Discrimination
Kritkorn  Karntikoon

Kritkorn Karntikoon

Climate Networks and Ricci Curvature
Abigail  Katcoff

Abigail Katcoff

Pluripotency and Spatial Organization in Embryonic Stem Cells
Srinivas  Kaza

Srinivas Kaza

Interactive Sound Propagation via a Hybrid Numerical Simulation and Geometric Acoustics Approach Using Signed Distance Functions
Sean Patrick Kelley

Sean Patrick Kelley

Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion for Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Ryan Henderson Kelly

Ryan Henderson Kelly

Modular Video Indexing and Retrieval System
Minsoo  Khang

Minsoo Khang

Oral Drug Delivery System for Gastrointestinal Track using Microneedles
Houssam  Kherraz

Houssam Kherraz

Towards an Unbiased Dataset
Jin Woo Kim

Jin Woo Kim

Quantification of Calcium Deposits for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Imaging Software Development
Alex  Kimn

Alex Kimn

Application of Artificial Data Generation to Deep-Learning Based Sentence Error Correction
Sharon Jerop Kipruto

Sharon Jerop Kipruto

Improving Maternal Healthcare Outcomes in Kenya
Milo Henry Lovelace Knowles

Milo Henry Lovelace Knowles

Robust Data Association for Object-Level SLAM
Rohan Sundar Kodialam

Rohan Sundar Kodialam

Optimal Algorithms for Ski Rental with Soft Machine-Learned Predictions
Daniel Alexander Korsun

Daniel Alexander Korsun

The Effects of Magnetic Field During Irradiation on Critical Current Capabilities of REBCO High-Temperature Superconductors
Severyn  Kozak

Severyn Kozak

Investigating Performance Anomalies in Cilk, a C/C++ Parallel Computing Framework
Martin Jan Krasuski

Martin Jan Krasuski

Optimizing Memory System Performance in Graph Analytics
Jun Jie Joseph  Kuan

Jun Jie Joseph Kuan

Between-Ride Routing Algorithms for Private Transportation Service
Alex  LaGrassa

Alex LaGrassa

Teaching Robots To Understand Natural Language Tasks
Jamarr Kyle Lampart

Jamarr Kyle Lampart

MIT Academic Social Network
Ronit N. Langer

Ronit N. Langer

The War on Drugs: Bayesian Optimization for De Novo Protein Design
Ma Czarina  Lao

Ma Czarina Lao

Déjà Vu: A Conceptual Software Design Method for Web Applications
Quang  Le

Quang Le

Improving Human-Robot Interaction
Ashley Jieun Lee

Ashley Jieun Lee

Learning to Generate 3D Point Clouds
Elizabeth  Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Noninvasive Hemoglobin Estimation Using Video Microscopy
Ka Wai (Joanne)  Lee

Ka Wai (Joanne) Lee

Generating Annotations from Wikipedia to Answer Questions
Hane  Lee

Hane Lee

Guiding Drug Titration During Procedural Sedation
Hanna Xinyi Lee

Hanna Xinyi Lee

Probabilistic State Estimation using RFID Data
Calvin  Lee

Calvin Lee

Extending Generalization Theory to Include Adversarial Robustness
Allison  Lemus

Allison Lemus

Reliability of High-Voltage GaN
Dina  Levy-Lambert

Dina Levy-Lambert

Visualizing Patient Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Jiahao  Li

Jiahao Li

Rhino - The Optimizing Parallel Program Compiler
Andrea  Li

Andrea Li

False arrhythmia alarm reduction in the intensive care unit
Denis  Li

Denis Li

Development of an automatic speech analysis system based on human speech cognition models
Toru  Lin

Toru Lin

Learning Particle Dynamics in Partially Observable Scenes
Jessy  Lin

Jessy Lin

Learning to Speak by Inverting and Composing Motor Programs
Jing Chao Lin

Jing Chao Lin

Self Supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection and Recognition
Cynthia Tianqing Liu

Cynthia Tianqing Liu

Alignment as an Indicator for Two Distinct Training Regimes
Kevin  Liu

Kevin Liu

Enforceable Data Sharing Agreements Using Smart Contracts
Anita  Liu

Anita Liu

Using Speech-Related Measurements for Acoustic Cues to Simultaneous Detection and Classification of Glides in English
William Enrique Lopez-Cordero

William Enrique Lopez-Cordero

Replication of the REXIS Radiation Cover
Sebastian A. Lopez-Cot

Sebastian A. Lopez-Cot

Improving Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Methods for Knowledge Transfer and Explainability
Carolyn  Lu

Carolyn Lu

WYSIWYFab: Integrating 3D Modeling and Slicing
Siyu  Lu

Siyu Lu

“The Car Can Explain” — Propagators for Autonomous Vehicles
Erika  Lu

Erika Lu

Fast and Rich Physical Scene Understanding Through Visual De-animation
Jordan  Lucier

Jordan Lucier

Map Inference Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Sophia  Luo

Sophia Luo

Modeling and Predicting Investor Trading Behavior Using Media Sentiment
Cory John Lynch

Cory John Lynch

Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation on the Decentralized Web
Jingwei  Ma

Jingwei Ma

Analyzing 3D Reconstruction of Cameras and Spatial Information in Movies and Building a Deep Learning Model to Improve Current Algorithms
Wenyu  Ma

Wenyu Ma

Impact of Renewable Generation on Natural Gas Infrastructure for Power Generation
Israel  Macias

Israel Macias

Acoustic Cue Detection for LEXI - The First Acoustic Cue Based Automatic Speech Recognition System
Jennifer L. Madiedo

Jennifer L. Madiedo

Persuasion Through Character Relation in Story-Processing Systems
Jitesh  Maiyuran

Jitesh Maiyuran

Developing a Classifier for Parkinson's Disease
Varun Raj Mangalick

Varun Raj Mangalick

Inference and Generation of HTTP Based Web Application Program Interfaces
Tugsbayasgalan  Manlaibaatar

Tugsbayasgalan Manlaibaatar

Accelerating Triangular Counting on Large-Scale Graphs
Amin  Manna

Amin Manna

Formal Verification of Enumerated Datastructures
Tarek  Mansour

Tarek Mansour

Breast Cancer Prediction Through Deep Learning
Cheahuychou  Mao

Cheahuychou Mao

Using Wikipedia Infoboxes for Natural Language Question Answering
Gabriel  Margolis

Gabriel Margolis

Active Learning of Graphical Models for Informative Path Planning
Akaki  Margvelashvili

Akaki Margvelashvili

Identifying Cancer on Breast X-Ray Images
Elizabeth Ella Martin

Elizabeth Ella Martin

Predicting Outcomes of Patients with Sepsis in Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
Jimmy  Mawdsley

Jimmy Mawdsley

A Molecular Clock using Terahertz Spectral Sensing
Miranda Nicole McClellan

Miranda Nicole McClellan

WebRTC-Based Network Performance Measurements
Matt  McEachern

Matt McEachern

Web app that highlights objects in an image as they are dictated
Brooke  McGoldrick

Brooke McGoldrick

Inferring People’s Personal Traits from Location Traces
Barry Anthony McNamara

Barry Anthony McNamara

Responsive Layout Generation
Haripriya  Mehta

Haripriya Mehta

Paper Dreams
Amber  Meighan

Amber Meighan

Clinical trial Product Accountability with Blockchain
Puneeth NSK Meruva

Puneeth NSK Meruva

End-to-End Learning of Perception Data for Autonomous Vehicles
Antonis  Michael

Antonis Michael

Reasoning About Emotions - Building Generative Models of Emotional Intelligence
Jesse  Michel

Jesse Michel

Fine-Grained Mixed Precision Computing with Deep Neural Networks
Olivier Sebastien Midy

Olivier Sebastien Midy

SigShare: Distributed Mobile Computing with Intermittent Connections
Edgar  Minasyan

Edgar Minasyan

Parametric Inversion of Non-Invertible Functions
Natalie  Mionis

Natalie Mionis

Power/Accuracy Tradeoff in FPGA Low Resolution Neural Network
Clementine  Mitchell

Clementine Mitchell

The Effect of Environment Presentation on Performance in Controlling the Robotic Arm on the ISS
Varun  Mohan

Varun Mohan

Exploiting Parallelism in OS Kernel System Calls
Khaled Khalil Moharam

Khaled Khalil Moharam

Investigating New Techniques for Human Hydration Level Measurement
Lucas Eduardo Morales

Lucas Eduardo Morales

Automatic Least-Effort Contextual Learning
Rachel Elizabeth Morgan

Rachel Elizabeth Morgan

Nanosatellite Lasercom System
Sophie  Mori

Sophie Mori

A Spreadsheet-Based Interface for Web Application Development
Yukimi  Morimoto

Yukimi Morimoto

Fabrication and Characterization of Thin Film Superconductors and Wires on Thin Films
William Steven Moses

William Steven Moses

Performance Engineering in a Parallel Environment
Katy G. Muhlrad

Katy G. Muhlrad

Using GelSight to Identify Objects by Touch
Andrew  Mullen

Andrew Mullen

Machine Learning for Embedded Analytics: Electromyography for Bruxism Detection
Ayrton De Jesus Munoz

Ayrton De Jesus Munoz

Characterization of defects in GaN using first-principles calculations
Mikayla Ida Murphy

Mikayla Ida Murphy

Digital Governance: Using Big Data to Measure Government Transparency Online
Battushig  Myanganbayar

Battushig Myanganbayar

Learning to understand language from captioned videos
Faraaz  Nadeem

Faraaz Nadeem

Automatic Music Transcription with Multiple Instruments
Moin  Nadeem

Moin Nadeem

Fact-Checking and Reasoning
Preksha  Naik

Preksha Naik

Architecture for Internet of Things: Acess Point Assignment
Maya  Nasr

Maya Nasr

MOXIE (Mars Oxygen Insitu Resource Utilization Experiment)
Helmuth John Naumer

Helmuth John Naumer

Vasculature Graphical Model Extraction: A Framework for Inference
Demitri Walter Nava

Demitri Walter Nava

Approximate Set Similarity Joins Using Efficient Partitioning
Weerachai  Neeranartvong

Weerachai Neeranartvong

Estimating Low-Order Transfer Functions of Arterial Blood Pressure to Intracranial Pressure from Clinical Recordings
Linh  Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

Analyzing mutational signatures in somatic human genome
Timothy  Nguyen

Timothy Nguyen

Design and Fabrication of Fan Ducts In Advanced Turbofan Engines
Hoang  Nguyen

Hoang Nguyen

Development of Feature-Cue Based Speech Analysis System
Ebenezer  Nkwate

Ebenezer Nkwate

Genetic Logic Gates for Heart Disease Treatment
William Arthur Noble

William Arthur Noble

A Modular Interface for CPU-Based Neural Networks
Joshua Eron Noel

Joshua Eron Noel

Exploring the Design Space of Superscalar RISC-V Processors
Alexander  Nordin

Alexander Nordin

Hydration Monitoring through a novel CRT-based approach
Patricio  Noyola

Patricio Noyola

Improving the Performance of the Tensor Algebra Compiler
Cattalyya  Nuengsigkapian

Cattalyya Nuengsigkapian

Practical Multi-Camera System for Indoor Localization and Human Identification
Domenic  Nutile

Domenic Nutile

Profiling Execution of Auto-Parallelized Programs in the Swarm Architecture
Afika  Nyati

Afika Nyati

Flow Presentation: An Alternative Text Presentation for Digital Reading
Omar  Obeya

Omar Obeya

Parallelizing Saturation Degree Heuristic for Graph Coloring Using Speculative Parallelism
Nitah Nyang’ate Onsongo

Nitah Nyang’ate Onsongo

Theatryc: A New Theater-Arts Communication Platform
Fernando Andre Ortiz-Soto

Fernando Andre Ortiz-Soto

Sampling in the Space of Redistricting Plans
Daniel  Osorio

Daniel Osorio

Determining the Relationship Between the Microbiome and the PD-1 Pathway
David  Pacheco

David Pacheco

Linguistic Analysis of Wikipedia for Question Answering
Byungkyu  Park

Byungkyu Park

Accessibility of Mobile Apps
Rajeev  Parvathala

Rajeev Parvathala

3D Reconstruction of the Nervous System of a Worm
Aman S. Patel

Aman S. Patel

Determination and Prediction of Histone Modification Covariance Structures
Jeanine Rebecca Pearson

Jeanine Rebecca Pearson

Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies
Gailin  Pease

Gailin Pease

Julia Language Use
William  Peebles

William Peebles

Generating Videos from an Image and a Sentence
Emily  Penn

Emily Penn

Large Scale Energy Storage: Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Porous Electrodes for Redox Flow Batteries
Navil  Perez

Navil Perez

Mucus as a Regulator of Microbial Interactions in the Human Microbiome
Ashisha Nirupa Persad

Ashisha Nirupa Persad

Sensors for Oral Health
Marcos Alberto Pertierra

Marcos Alberto Pertierra

Coding the Tax Code: Regulations to Formalism
Huy Dang Pham

Huy Dang Pham

Efficient reliable testing of complex software systems
Phuong Mai Pham

Phuong Mai Pham

Alzheimer's Disease Prediction by Cell-Free DNA Methylation
Tuan Manh Phan

Tuan Manh Phan

Low-Cost Micromanipulator
Isabelle  Phinney

Isabelle Phinney

Transport Properties in 2D Materials
Michael  Picchini

Michael Picchini

Robotic Arm for the SPHERES Satellites
Carla Nicole Pinzon

Carla Nicole Pinzon

Implementation of a Voice Activity Detector for Energy Equalization
Nipun  Pitimanaaree

Nipun Pitimanaaree

NVL Coq – Spark SQL Formalization and Optimization
Collin Luke Potts

Collin Luke Potts

Linguistic Analysis of Wikipedia for Question Answering
Smriti  Pramanick

Smriti Pramanick

Real-Time Audio Synchronization
Varot  Premtoon

Varot Premtoon

Answering Questions using Ternary Expressions
Ryan T. Prinster

Ryan T. Prinster

Sequential Multitask Learning via Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Korrawat  Pruegsanusak

Korrawat Pruegsanusak

Machine Learning with Computer Graphics for Self-Driving Car
Rishad  Rahman

Rishad Rahman

Developing a Sparse Approximation to Gaussian Curvature
Ravi  Rahman

Ravi Rahman

Semantic Smart Contracts for Enforceable Data Sharing Agreements
Archana  Ram

Archana Ram

Bacteria Make Decisions Too: A Binary Choice Model Based on Competence in Bacillus subtilis
Oliver  Ren

Oliver Ren

Predicting and Understanding Unexpected Respiratory Decompensation in Critical Care
Stephanie  Ren

Stephanie Ren

Learning to Interpret Wireless Location Data
Erin  Reynolds

Erin Reynolds

Bioengineering Yeast for Heavy Metal Cleanup
Daniel D. Richman

Daniel D. Richman

RABBIT: Secure Wireless Communications Using Ultra-Fast Bit-Level Frequency Hopping
William Alfonso Rodriguez

William Alfonso Rodriguez

Analyzing Electric Vehicle Charging Data to Enhance Efficiency of Demand Response Algorithms
Andrew  Rouditchenko

Andrew Rouditchenko

The Sound of Pixels
Maria Ximena Rueda-Guerrero

Maria Ximena Rueda-Guerrero

Specific-Language Impairment Diagnosis Based on Landmark Modifications in Non-Word Repetition Tasks
Luzdary  Ruelas

Luzdary Ruelas

Crystallization of Diphenhydramine using Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Basil N. Saeed

Basil N. Saeed

Inferring Structure in Gaussian Graphical Models from Noisy Observations
Shinjini  Saha

Shinjini Saha

Daydream: A Visual Web Application Builder for Déjà Vu
Ajay  Saini

Ajay Saini

Using Online Data to Predict Startup Success
Helen A. Sakharova

Helen A. Sakharova

Computer-Guided Engineering of Neuronal Circuits
Janelle  Sands

Janelle Sands

Sonic Enrichment at the Zoo
Nilai Manish Sarda

Nilai Manish Sarda

Topological Word Embeddings
Valerie Youngmi Sarge

Valerie Youngmi Sarge

Accelerating Super Resolution using Compressed Video
Mehmet Tugrul Savran

Mehmet Tugrul Savran

Algorithmic Clustering and Analysis of Spatial Organization of Chromosomes
Alisha  Saxena

Alisha Saxena

Developing Novel Methods for Robust De-identification of Electronic Health Record Data
Zachary David Schmitz

Zachary David Schmitz

Economical, High Throughput Automation & Instrumentation
Nur Muhammad  Shafiullah

Nur Muhammad Shafiullah

Building a Principled Understanding of Deep Neural Networks: Exploring the Limits of Adversarial Robustness
Divya  Shanmugam

Divya Shanmugam

Developing Compressive Algorithms for Large-Scale Metagenomic Data Analysis
Christopher  Shao

Christopher Shao

A Framework for Specifying and Formally Verifying System Security Policies
Ayush  Sharma

Ayush Sharma

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Framework
Yinghua (Kelly)  Shen

Yinghua (Kelly) Shen

Crowdsourcing ECG Signal Annotation Tool
Kristin  Sheridan

Kristin Sheridan

DNA-Based Fuzzy Addressing for Memory Storage
Luke  Shimanuki

Luke Shimanuki

Learning Distance Heuristics to Guide Robot Manipulation
Sky  Shin

Sky Shin

Towards Continuous Lifelong Learning
Kaymie  Shiozawa

Kaymie Shiozawa

Seeking Critical Information for Autonomous Mining and Construction Machines via Operator Gaze Tracking
Michal  Shlapentokh-Rothman

Michal Shlapentokh-Rothman

Securing the Software-Defined Perimeter with Co-Optimization
Yao E Siabi

Yao E Siabi

High-Level Processing Module for a Speech-Analysis System
Anna  Sinelnikova

Anna Sinelnikova

How the Tolerance Principle Plays into Language Acquisition
Christabel Jemutai Sitienei

Christabel Jemutai Sitienei

Driving Financial Inclusion in East Africa Through AI
Cooper  Sloan

Cooper Sloan

Predicting Bus Arrival Times with Neural Nets
Christine  Soh

Christine Soh

Analyzing Speech Signals for Clinical Diagnosis of Speech Impairments
Hyunjoon  Song

Hyunjoon Song

Automatic Dynamic Analysis Framework for Embedded Firmwares
Garrett Michael Souza

Garrett Michael Souza

Effects of Visual Media on Implicit Biases
Ali Can Soylemezoglu

Ali Can Soylemezoglu

Early Cancer Detection Through Deep Learning
Chandler  Squires

Chandler Squires

Direct Estimation of Differences in Causal Graphs
Mayuri  Sridhar

Mayuri Sridhar

Recommendation Systems in Practice
Rahul  Sridhar

Rahul Sridhar

Improving Bug Realism in LAVA, a Vulnerability Injection System
Sanjana  Srivastava

Sanjana Srivastava

Understanding the Role of Context in Image Saliency
Katherine  Stoll

Katherine Stoll

Microstructure Engineering of Thick, Porous Electrodes for Energy Storage
Jeremy Paul Stroming

Jeremy Paul Stroming

Earth Speaks: A Digital Ocean Platform for Citizen Engagement
Mengyuan (Mina)  Sun

Mengyuan (Mina) Sun

Collision Resolution for a Network of Ultra-Fast Frequency Hopping Devices
Philip  Sun

Philip Sun

Parallel High-Efficiency Video Coding
Tingxiao  Sun

Tingxiao Sun

Machine Learning in Autonomous Control for Airborne Wind Energy System
Lawrence Jialin Sun

Lawrence Jialin Sun

Bounds of the Restricted Isometry Property
Michael  Sun

Michael Sun

Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks for Predicting DNA Methylation
Fransisca  Susan

Fransisca Susan

What do Neural Machine Translation Models Infer about Multiple Semantics of Homonyms?
Kyle  Swanson

Kyle Swanson

Using Deep Learning to Detect Breast Cancer in Mammograms
Christopher  Sweeney

Christopher Sweeney

DeepSim: A Learned Approach to Generating Realistic Synthetic Depth Images
Adrian Reginald Chua Sy

Adrian Reginald Chua Sy

The Future Textbook
Melinda  Szabo

Melinda Szabo

Unobtrusive Estimation of Blood Pressure Variation
Kunal  Tangri

Kunal Tangri

Music Generation from Raw Audio
Ertem Nusret Tas

Ertem Nusret Tas

Infrared Photodetectors Based on Percolative Films of Graphene Flakes
Tristan Andrew Fraser Thrush

Tristan Andrew Fraser Thrush

Learning Intuition for Problem Solving with K-Line Theory
Brian  Tom

Brian Tom

Learning Program Embeddings with RNNs
Erjona  Topalli

Erjona Topalli

Visualizing Trackers for a User-Conscious Web
Patrick  Tornes

Patrick Tornes

Intersections of Machine Learning and Adaptive Control with Aerial Vehicle Flight Testing
Loc Q Trinh

Loc Q Trinh

Semi-Supervised Learning for Clinical Phenotyping
Surya  Tripathi

Surya Tripathi

Understanding the Early Infant Micro-Biome Selection Forces
Justin Daniel Tunis

Justin Daniel Tunis

Indoor Localization via Sensor Fusion of UWB, IMU, and Camera Data
Alexander Matthew Turner

Alexander Matthew Turner

Introducing Backdoors in Neural Networks with Data Poisoning
Tenzin Samten Ukyab

Tenzin Samten Ukyab

Enabling Hardware Acceleration for Lattice-Based Cryptography
Taylor  V’Dovec

Taylor V’Dovec

Novel Morphing Technology on the Lifting Surface for Aerial and Aquatic Transportation Improvement
Francisca  Vasconcelos

Francisca Vasconcelos

Extending Quantum State Tomography for Superconducting Quantum Processors
Arsen  Vasilyan

Arsen Vasilyan

Testing Fourier Properties of Boolean Functions in Sublinear Time
Rohil  Verma

Rohil Verma

Investigating the Confidence of Deep Neural Networks
Jason Giovanni Villanueva

Jason Giovanni Villanueva

Improved State Estimation in Autonomous Vehicles
Suchan  Vivatsethachai

Suchan Vivatsethachai

Transfer Learning Across Hospitals by Discovering Latent Patient-Hospital Sub-Mechanisms
Aaron Richard Vontell

Aaron Richard Vontell

Accessibility of Mobile Applications
Thuy-Duong  Vuong

Thuy-Duong Vuong

Fixed-Length Cycle Detection in Directed Graph
Eric Joseph Wadkins

Eric Joseph Wadkins

Self-Driving Microscopy: Bayesian Inference for Instrument Tracking and Localization
Madeleine  Waller

Madeleine Waller

Verification Testing of DHU Firmware for TESS
Mike Meichang Wang

Mike Meichang Wang

An Interlock for Self-Driving Cars
Rose Elizabeth Wang

Rose Elizabeth Wang

Vision-Based Approach to Localization and Mapping in Autonomous Vehicles
Ziheng  Wang

Ziheng Wang

Deep Learning Biological Ensembles
Andy  Wang

Andy Wang

Smooth 2D Shape Interpolation for Multiple Keyframes
Li  Wang

Li Wang

Understanding the Ambiance of Images: Emotional Visual AI
Mark  Wang

Mark Wang

Graphical Analysis of Panama Papers
Mike  Wang

Mike Wang

Analytics for Vital Sign Data
Katherine  Wang

Katherine Wang

Creating a Database Log History Page for Cloud Components in App Inventor to Support Software Development Education
Larry Z. Wang 

Larry Z. Wang 

Kernel Functional Maps
Mattie Frantz Wasiak

Mattie Frantz Wasiak

Leveraging Clinical Data Sets to Optimize Oxygen Delivery to Newborns
Ethan  Weber

Ethan Weber

Perception for Robotic Manipulation
Wendy  Wei

Wendy Wei

Decoding the Hidden Language of a Deep Neural Network
Elizabeth  Wei

Elizabeth Wei

Optimizing Lossless Compression on GPUs
Xin  Wen

Xin Wen

FitFab: Varying Infill of 3D Printed Food to Reduce Calorie Intake
Lindsay  Westlake

Lindsay Westlake

Decoding Human Visual Processing
Brian  Wheatman

Brian Wheatman

Tourist Path Optimization Problem
Jesse  Widner

Jesse Widner

Bayesian Conditioning on Gaussian Mixture Models for Automatic Speech Signal Analysis
Diana  Wofk

Diana Wofk

Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network for Depth Prediction
Kifle  Woldu

Kifle Woldu

Personalized Web Page Recommendations using Browsing Activity
Eric  Wong

Eric Wong

Structural Implications of the Bone-Periodontal Ligament-Cementum Complex
Sze Nga Wong

Sze Nga Wong

Development of Word Embeddings in a Semantically Meaningful Way
Sarah  Wooders

Sarah Wooders

Improving Image Alignment Through Localized Recomputation
Albert  Wu

Albert Wu

Implementing an Ankle Exoskeleton to Reduce Running Metabolic Cost
Jimmy  Wu

Jimmy Wu

Object Detection for Robotic Systems
Raymond  Wu

Raymond Wu

Optimizing Simit: A language for physical simulations
Wei Hou  Wu

Wei Hou Wu

Investigative Privacy Preferences, Expectations and Behaviors of Voice-Activated Devices
Andrew  Xia

Andrew Xia

Leakage Resistant Public Key Authentication for Embedded Devices
Yinzhan  Xu

Yinzhan Xu

Deductive Synthesis of Linear Algebra Formula in Coq Proof Assistant
Megan  Yamoah

Megan Yamoah

Microwave Dielectric Loss of Hexagonal Boron Nitride in the Low-Temperature, Single-Photon Regime
Mengjiao  Yang

Mengjiao Yang

Model for Generating Distributed Applications from Sequential Programs
Rachel  Yang

Rachel Yang

Field Balancing in High-Frequency Power Inductors
Rujie  Yao

Rujie Yao

Continuous Perfusion Culture Using Novel Microfluidic Separation Devices
Grace  Yin

Grace Yin

Bundling Variables in Auto-Parallelized Swarm Programs
Elisa  Young

Elisa Young

Lighting Estimation in Augmented Reality
Yuancheng  Yu

Yuancheng Yu

Extremal Distances in Directed Graphs
Erica Ji Yuen

Erica Ji Yuen

Creating Data Visualization Features in App Inventor
Mikaeel  Yunus

Mikaeel Yunus

Design of Quantum Photonic Device Components Using MEEP
Chengkai  Zhang

Chengkai Zhang

One-shot Learning for 3D Shape Perception
Jessie  Zhao

Jessie Zhao

Structural Determinants of Antibody Nonspecificity
Vivian  Zhong

Vivian Zhong

Effect of Oxygen Exposure on Bacterial Colonization in rCDI Patients Post-Fecal Microbiota Transplant
Helen  Zhou

Helen Zhou

Understanding and Predicting Across Multiple Food Domains
Liang  Zhou

Liang Zhou

An Intuitive Constraint-Based Model of Physical Dynamics
Yunkun  Zhou

Yunkun Zhou

Shortest Vector Problem
Yunyi  Zhu

Yunyi Zhu

3D Printed Breadboard for Customizable Electronics Prototyping
Xingyu  Zou

Xingyu Zou

Breakdown Mechanism in Vertical GaN Power Fin-FETs
Hugo  Zul

Hugo Zul

CyberSecurity in Software Defined Networks